Sleeklens “Through The Woods” Lightroom Presets Review

Tunga River Sringeri after Preset

Two weeks back I was asked by Sleeklens to review their Through The Woods set of Lightroom Develop presets and brushes. I usually don’t use presets made by others in my workflow and most of my presets are my own workflow which in turn is saved as presets. Last year I had tried few presets … Read moreSleeklens “Through The Woods” Lightroom Presets Review

Explore your Shooting Habits Using Lightroom Dashboard

Lightroom Dashboard

Most of us are self proclaimed Adobe Lightroom addicts. While Lightroom can search images stored inside the catalog, isn’t it nice to see your photographic statistical data stored in that catalog? Have a look at the new Lightroom Dashboard, a free online utility that you can access directly from your browser which can reveal about … Read moreExplore your Shooting Habits Using Lightroom Dashboard

Eggs and Lightroom Bugs

Probably Metanastria Moth Eggs

These clump of eggs belong to Lasiocampidae family of moth, most probably Metanastria species. The moths are commonly called Lappet moths. It was laid on the blackberry shrub in my garden. I photographed these in the month of February this year using Canon EOS 5D Mark III + Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM … Read moreEggs and Lightroom Bugs

Stitching Giant Lappet Caterpillar

Giant lappet caterpillar Lebeda sp.

Giant lappet caterpillar (Lebeda species) is a huge caterpillar belonging to Lasiocampidae family of moths, was resting on trunk of Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) Tree. At 128 mm in length, it was massive compared to other species. It is pale greyish brown in color to make itself looks like a heap of dried vegetation waste. The … Read moreStitching Giant Lappet Caterpillar

How to Personalize Lightroom

How to Personalize Lightroom

If you’re a professional photographer or if you just like the personal touch, why not personalize your Lightroom interface? Here are two separate hacks which make Lightroom look as though it was specially customized exclusively for you. Let us see how to customize the Lightroom splash screen as well as its Brand identity plate. This … Read moreHow to Personalize Lightroom

Focus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Focus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Focus stacking is a technique which helps to extend an apparent depth of field in a picture. It works especially well for macro and landscape shots. It will be more useful when the smallest aperture is often insufficient to render everything in focus. When we require more depth of field (or more area in focus), … Read moreFocus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker