Gate with Guard Room

Kavaledurga Fort is a slice of forgotten history amidst the Western Ghats. The Fort is a marvellous piece of engineering that includes complex defences and arrangements for rainwater harvesting. I had been to this fort several times. One of the most memorable trips was when my good friend Ashokavardhana and I purchased a new Honda … Read more

Four Factors to Improve Your Macro Photography

Flesh Fly

The fascination for macro photography is similar to the obsession astronomers have with the sky; there is a vast unknown yet to be discovered. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive equipment, but you do to go looking for your subjects. Look around you and if you are not seeing anything worth having a closer … Read more

Pholcid Spider with Eggs

Pholcus Spider with Eggs

I found this female Pholcus spider with her eggs, in a corner of my kitchen. Here I have used Canon EOS 70D with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM using 36mm Kenko extension tube. This whole setup is illuminated by Godox Ving V860C Flash fitted with LumiQuest Softbox III diffuser. I was holding the … Read more

Leaf-rolling Weevil

Leaf-rolling Weevil

I found this long necked juvenile beetle on a leaf in my garden. That day I was using Canon EOS 70D with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM on a 25mm Kenko extension tube. The illumination was by Canon MT-24EX macro twin light flash. This is full frame capture at near 1:1 resolution on … Read more

Araneophagic behavior in Plexippus petersi

Araneophagic behavior in Plexippus petersi

Jumping spiders are a fascinating group, making up the largest family of spiders in the world. They are as diverse as birds with a range of complex behaviours which have allowed them to successfully adapt to a wide variety of habitats, globally. Their remarkably well developed eyes give them better vision than that of any … Read more

How to Get Sharper Close-Ups

Sarcophagidae Flesh Fly

One of your biggest goals in macro and close-up photography, is to draw attention to your subject. You want to make subject to really stand out. One way to achieve that is to make it the sharpest part of the image, so as to attract viewer’s attention. Here are few simple ways to achieve sharp … Read more