Painterly Butterfly

Suffused Double-banded Judy with Topaz Glow & Impression

To create the above image I used two filters from Topaz labs – Topaz Glow 2 and the Topaz Impression 2. I used the first image used in my last blog – Suffused Double-banded Judy I combined two filters for the look. I wanted to enhance the look of the butterfly without distorting the feel. … Read more

Suffused Double-banded Judy

I found this Suffused Double-banded Judy butterfly, Abisara bifasciata suffusa, on a leaf covered with the fruit-bat dropping in my backyard. I was using a Canon EOS 5DS R with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens, illuminated by Godox Ving V860c E-TTL Li-ion Camera with LumiQuest SoftBox III to capture this butterfly. This … Read more

Short Horned Grasshopper

Short Horned Grasshopper

This is a nymph of a variety of short horned grasshopper (Family Acrididae). The Acrididae are the predominant family of grasshoppers, comprising some 10,000 of the 11,000 species of the entire suborder Caelifera. The Acrididae are best known because all locusts (swarming grasshoppers) are of the Acrididae. The subfamily Oedipodinae is sometimes classified as a … Read more

Four Factors to Improve Your Macro Photography

Flesh Fly

The fascination for macro photography is similar to the obsession astronomers have with the sky; there is a vast unknown yet to be discovered. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive equipment, but you do to go looking for your subjects. Look around you and if you are not seeing anything worth having a closer … Read more

Antlion Lacewing

Antlion Lacewing

I found this adult Antlion lacewing on an aphid & mealybug ridden Gliricidia sepium branch. The term Ant lion is used to describe the Larval form of the members of this family and the adults are referred to as ‘antgriffins’ or ‘antlion lace wings’. This one belongs to Myrmelion species. I used my Canon EOS … Read more

Pholcid Spider with Eggs

Pholcus Spider with Eggs

I found this female Pholcus spider with her eggs, in a corner of my kitchen. Here I have used Canon EOS 70D with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM using 36mm Kenko extension tube. This whole setup is illuminated by Godox Ving V860C Flash fitted with LumiQuest Softbox III diffuser. I was holding the … Read more