Juvenile Carrhotus Spider

Juvenile Carrhotus Spider

I captured this Juvenile Carrhotus Spider on a vine using Canon EOS 80D fitted with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM and Canon MT-24EX macro twin light flash. Carrhotus species tend to be found in silken cells in low vegetation in the open. They are not very colourful and are sturdy, solid-looking spiders. Carrhotus … Read moreJuvenile Carrhotus Spider

Jumping Spider

Phintella Spp. Jumping Spider

This jumping spider was photographed on a rainy day on the top of my car. The background what you see is the pearl white finish paint of the Maruti Suzuki Swift car. Rain droplets as well as the spiders eye reflect the light source which was my ExpoImaging Ray Flash Adapter which was mounted on … Read moreJumping Spider