Ant Farmer

Ant Sucking HoneyDew from Aphid

Who would consider ants farmers? Farmer is not a vocation naturally assigned to these tiny insects. The fact is that they herd and care for aphids to keep a much-loved food in constant supply. Aphids and ants on plants are as interdependent as Idli & sambar. I saw this Camponotus Ant on the underside of … Read more

Flat-head Leafhopper Nymph

Flat-head Leafhopper Nymph

I found this Flat-head Leafhopper Nymph belonging to Ledrinae Subfamily of diverse leafhopper family Cicadellidae in my garden. While photographing it jumped on to my trousers. I was not sure which was its host plant. The leafhopper also looked pretty transparent and was having a very good camouflage. To highlight that transparency, I decided to … Read more

Dictyopharidae Planthopper

Dictyopharidae Planthopper

This spectacular planthopper belongs to the family Dictyopharidae. I photographed it using my new LumiQuest SoftBox III fitted on Godox V860C Ving ETTL Flash wirelessly (flash held in my left hand). This allowed me to change the direction of light as I wanted independent of the camera. But it created very awkward position I had … Read more

Jewel in My Backyard

Green Jewel Bug - Chrysocoris sp.

Driven by a dream that a seer had about a hidden treasure, the Archaeological Survey of India started its excavation in a fort in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India few days back. After several days of futile digging, excavation had to be called off for the lack any treasure. I did not have to dig anywhere … Read more

I love to Singa or An ode to the Cicada

Platypleura Species of Cicada - Side View

Last winter’s eve, late one night, a dainty Cicada invited itself into my dining room and having done so, proceeded to perch atop my glass topped dining table. Ever the one to seize an opportunity, I carefully slid a sheet of paper underneath it, and proceeded to take a few pictures. Seemingly unperturbed, the Cicada … Read more


Dundubia species Cicada

As soon as I saw an exuvia of cicada on one of the tree trunks in our garden, I knew we were in for an ear splitting noise of cicadas. Peak of the summer every year I get a lots of these cicadas in our garden. Exuviae is the remains of an exoskeleton that are … Read more