Sidux: A stable live CD for Debian unstable

Sidux looks like the best Debian sid-based live CD now out there. With Kanotix development staggerring over last few months, Sidux offers a clean, easy hard disk install and a fast release cycle. It’s a distribution that impressed me before I’ve even tried it. While I was downloading the new release I checked the forums, … Read more

Search for a perfect OS

If you recall in my earlier post I was in search of a good operating system to replace windows. In these 20 days I tried several versions of Linux. SLAX was fantastic distro using Slackware as a source. It uses modules which help you to simplify the installation of programs. live scripts it uses is … Read more

The Last Straw

It has been raining so much out side, I wanted a drastic change of things around me, mainly the stuff on my computer. I was using Vista for a long time (right from the day it went to become RTM Nov 2006). I was getting more and more disillusioned with the way Windows is going. … Read more

Firefox Is In A Fix Again

Mozilla is working on patching its Firefox browser after a hacker posted details of a flaw that could let criminals run unauthorized software on a victim’s machine. The flaw lies in Firefox’s URL handler component, which was the source of another bug Mozilla disclosed Tuesday. This second flaw was disclosed Tuesday by Billy Rios and … Read more

Afraid of WGA? Over 20 Features & Services of Vista Harvest Info from Your Machine

Are you using Windows Vista? Then you might as well know that the licensed operating system installed on your machine is harvesting a healthy volume of information for Microsoft. In this context, a program such as the Windows Genuine Advantage is the last of your concerns. In fact, in excess of 20 Windows Vista features … Read more