BitDefender for Windows Vista 10.2

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of antivirus software and data security solutions, announced today the availability of BitDefender v10 security solutions for Microsoft Windows Vista based on 32bit. Available through BitDefender’s web site BitDefender Internet Security v10, AntiVirus Plus v10 and AntiVirus v10 offers solutions with a wide range of protection created for different needs in … Read more

Feeds Plus

Feeds Plus is a free IE7 add-on that adds two features to the Windows Feeds experience: aggregation and notification. Feeds Plus, running in the background, can combine multiple feeds into a single, river of news-style feed. All the user has to do is turn on Feeds Plus’ aggregator, and every folder of feeds will sprout … Read more

Microsoft Helps To Fight Online Child Abuse In India

Microsoft is working with the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and the international police force Interpol to help fight online child abuse in India. The organizations are helping Indian law enforcement agencies, such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), in how to use technologies, tools, and procedures for countering online child … Read more

Finally Flash Player 9 For Linux (x86)

About a year since Flash 9 was released for Windows and Mac, Linux desktop users can finally… use MySpace… well, there’s lots of benefits in Flash 9. Even if you don’t care for MySpace or YouTube or virtually any decent video site these days, a version of Flash hasn’t been released for Linux since 7.0 … Read more

Vista Boot Logo Generator

I know a lot of people were disappointed by the lack of a decent boot logo in Vista, so I’ve thrown together a tool that should simplify the process of creating the new high resolution boot logos! Your works of art need to be saved as 24-bit BMPs, and you’ll need to create them in … Read more

Is it 32 or 64 Bit Vista?

Deciding which Vista version to install can be a difficult decision and can really limit what you can do with your system. Here are practical hints which should help a user decide which version to install. I decided to write this guide after installing 64-bit and 32-bit vista systems on several test boxes. With the … Read more