Vista is Marginally Secure Than XP

The strength of Windows Vista’s security model is easily the biggest question facing the nascent operating system. While sales will be strong simply on account of the way OEMs have adopted Vista on their midrange and high-end offerings, the place of Vista in the enterprise is not yet clear. Microsoft must demonstrate that its approach … Read more

QuickTime Bugs Beat Internet Explorer

Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia ApS has concluded that Apple Incorporated’s QuickTime is three times more likely to pose a threat than Microsoft Corporation’s Internet Explorer 6 and six times more likely to be a threat than Mozilla Corporation’s Firefox. According to an analysis of more than 350,000 system checks done over the last six months … Read more

USB drive gets a Worm

A new worm targeting removable drives, called the SillyFD-AA worm, searches for removable drives such as floppy disks and USB memory sticks and creates a hidden autorun.inf file which makes the worm execute the next time the device is connected to a computer running Windows. In addition, it changes the title of Internet Explorer windows … Read more

Vista’s Lacklustre ReadyBoost

Vista’s ReadyBoost seems to be lacking in the performance. The technology promises to let you speed up Windows by plugging an inexpensive USB flash drive into your PC. ReadyBoost may speed up Vista a tiny bit, it can also slow it down in some instances. The premise is this: Although writing data to and reading … Read more

Advanced Search Terms for Vista

Windows Vista and Windows Desktop Search 3.01 recognize many advanced query operators that can make your desktop searches super-pinpointed. This document on Windows Vista Blog provides an exhaustive list of those operators. On Windows Vista you can use these operators to define a search, and then save it as a Search Folder. Once you start … Read more