Focus Stacking Using CombineZ

After trying out the Auto-Blending in Photoshop CS4 I wanted to compare this method with my other favorite focus stacking software CombineZ. There are quite a few tutorials out there on usage of the CombineZ. I highly recommend the great tutorial from Brian at Digital grin. Brian is one of the greatest Macro specialist I … Read more

Beddome’s Indian Frog

I found this Juvenile Beddome’s Indian Frog or Beddome’s Leaping frog (Indirana beddomei) at Bisile. It is named after the naturalist Colonel Richard Henry Beddome, the first conservator of the newly formed forest department of the Madras presidency. This medium-size frog whose dorsal skin is covered with short longitudinal glandular folds. The coloration varies; it … Read more

Facial Expressions in Kathakali

Last Sunday (29 Mar 2009) I attended a workshop organized by Karnataka Yakshagana Academy at Yuga purusha Hall, Kinnigoli. Discussions at the seminar were mainly around body language, presentation, in Yakshgana Bharatnatyam, Kathakkali and Bhootakola art forms. Here is a glimpse of few facial expression demonstrated by this Kerala Kalamandalam artist in Kathakali. As I … Read more