Happy New Year 2011

2010 was a great year for me and my photography. My blog Krishna Mohan Photography has become more streamlined and I am able to write every week consistently this year. Even though the I wrote only 55 blogs this year as compared to 100 last year, the audience for my blog has grown a lot. … Read more

Brown-backed Red Marsh Hawk

This male Brown-backed Red Marsh Hawk (Orthetrum chrysis) dragonfly was sitting in the garden basking the afternoon sun. Light was quite harsh on the dragonfly. The position it was sitting was also awkward so I had not much of chance of getting a good frontal pose. What I decided is to get a nice wing … Read more

Fruit Piercing Moth

This beautiful moth is a fruit-piercing moth (Noctuidae: Calpinae [sometimes included in subfamily Ophiderinae or Catocalinae]) in the genus Eudocima. There are several similar looking species in India, but I believe this one is probably Eudocima hypermnestra. I found this moth on a broomstick near the window inside my house. It was quite camouflaged in … Read more

Kambala Dates 2010-11

Kambala the buffalo-race

I had enumerable calls inquiring dates of Kambala this year. Since many of you are interested in taking photographs of Kambala which is traditional traditional buffalo-race held in different places of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts, I have collected dates from the Kambala Samithi which organizes them every year at 18 different places. Most of … Read more

Fulvous Forest Skimmer – Female

Fulvous Forest Skimmer - Female

I found these female Fulvous Forest Skimmer (Neurothemis fulvia) dragonfly roosting on a dry branch in our kitchen garden. Two of these female dragonflies were sitting there continuously in the same position for 6 days without a break. It was raining heavily during that period and I could get only a short time to photograph … Read more

Blue Oakleaf Butterfly

Kudremukh National Park is treasure trove for animal watchers. Entering into the Malleshwara township inside Kudremukh National Park on that day we spotted a cicada sitting on a moss covered tree branch. As I was photographing the cicada which was sitting higher up in the branch I noticed from the corner of my eye a … Read more