Kadambi Falls

Female Grey Wagtail

Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful natural wonders you can photograph. But though they can look simply stunning, photographing waterfalls is not easy to do well. That Sunday I had gone to Kudremukh National Park hoping to photograph some birds or animals. It was drizzling on & off. As I couldn’t get any good … Read more Kadambi Falls

Mating Mormons

Mating Common Mormons

Monsoon rain was lashing heavily that day. That morning when there was a brief respite from the rain, I went home to grab a quick cup of coffee, I saw these Common Mormon (Papilio polytes) mating on the citrus plant. Leaving the coffee aside I grabbed my camera and rushed to get these photos. The … Read more Mating Mormons

Plain Prinia & Ethics in Nature Photography

Inchworm Moth Caterpillar

I was trying to photograph an Inchworm moth caterpillar sitting on a blade of grass. Breeze was blowing the grass blade so much that I was unable to focus correctly. I wanted the breeze to subside so that I could get the caterpillar in good focus. As I got up to explore other photographic opportunity … Read more Plain Prinia & Ethics in Nature Photography

Female Loten’s Sunbird

Female Loten's Sunbird

Long time back I had posted two articles on Male Loten’s Sunbird (Cinnyris lotenius) here and here. Recently on a cloudy overcast afternoon I found the female Loten’s Sunbird who frequents Oleander bush in our garden was sitting on the overhead television cable. As I picked up my Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM fitted … Read more Female Loten’s Sunbird


This year’s monsoon was in full swing. That Sunday, when the rain had stopped briefly I saw a large group of Munias gregariously venturing out savoring the newly sprouted grass seeds. The group consisted of both Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) & White-rumped Munia (Lonchura striata) in them. Even though they were two different species there … Read more Munias