Ant Mimicking Spider

Myrmarachne Ant Mimicking Spider

As I was photographing Camponotus Ants Tending Aphids I saw a lonely ant like insect moving around on the adjacent sugar cane leaf. On close inspection it was an arthropod having 4 pairs of legs, unlike ants who possess 3 pairs. So it was not an ant but an ant mimicking spider belonging to Myrmarachne … Read more

Bird In Flight Composite

Rock Dove Bird in Flight

In my Photowalk post I had posted the composite image of Rock Dove in Flight. Many of friends wanted to know the original images I used to create this composite. Here are the 11 Images which were used. I opened all these 11 photos in Photoshop as layers and applied mask to each photo and … Read more


Our Mangalore Photography Club recently conducted two photo-walk and hands-on training sessions at Pilkula on 12th August and 2nd September 2012. We had over 40 members who actively participated in these photo-walks around Guttu mane and Artist’s village in Pilikula. As I was one of the instructor of the photo-walk, I was not able to … Read more

Masters in Photography – Arnold Newman

“We do not take pictures with our cameras,but with our hearts and minds.” -Arnold Newman Arnold Newman (1918-2006) is one of the great masters of photography and his work has changed world of portraiture. He is recognized as the “Father of Environmental Portraiture.” Even though he did not consider himself as taking Environmental Portraiture and … Read more

Canon’s New EOS 6D

Canon just announced its enthusiast-grade full frame DSLR, the EOS 6D. The 6D features a newly-developed 20.2MP CMOS sensor and a magnesium alloy body. To distinguish it from the more expensive 5D Mark III, the 6D features a simpler, 11-point AF system with a single cross-type focus sensor. It also features a smaller, 97% coverage … Read more

Camponotus Ants Tending Aphids

Camponotus Ants Tending Aphids

It was raining heavily, I found these few amber colored ants climbing a sugarcane stem which had grown in our garden. They went underneath a leaf and stayed there for a long time. I was curious to find what they were doing. I turned the leaf over and I found these Camponotus Ants on the … Read more