Photographing Dragonflies

Female Trithemis Dragonfly

I found this male Trithemis dragonfly in my garden. These dragonflies are also known as drop-wing dragonflies due to the way they sit and allow their wings to drop by the side. I thank Sourabh Sawanth for helping me to identify it. I was using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF 100mm … Read more

In Search of An Afterglow

In Search of An Afterglow

I have noticed many people who visit beach during sunset, start vacating the beach as soon sun sets in the west. As a photographer it is always beneficial to stay back for another few more minutes. You can witness and capture glorious skies. Sometimes if you are lucky you will be blessed with post-sunset glow … Read more

Lynx Spider

Lynx Spider, Oxyopes species

That day during a brief spell of sunshine between the monsoon showers, I had gone out into our garden checking for insects. This year we had a really plentiful of showers with almost 3 months of incessant rain. There was hardly any break in between rains. This brief dry spell was a great time to … Read more



It was raining heavily. Our idea of photographing butterflies at the Sammilan Shetty Butterfly Park which opened that day was not going to be fulfilled. So four of us me, Ajith Kamath, Karthik Bhat & Shiva Shankar planned to go to Kudremukh National Park. A friend of mine had informed us that the purple flowers … Read more