Glimpses of Singapore Part 1

Panorama of Boat Quay near Elgin Bridge

When my friend asked me to join his family for a vacation to Singapore, 4 months back, I agreed immediately. Our planning started immediately. We booked air tickets, planned for the accommodation. Domestic flight from Mangalore to Bangalore at that time was pretty expensive. So we dropped the idea for going via air and thought … Read more

I have left the Internet

I’m on vacation. As part of my rest, I’m taking a break from the social Internet as well as blogging. That means no social media or blog updates, responses, checkins, likes, pokes. I’m going to practice looking people in the eye and talk to them using my mouth. I am not checking my email, messages … Read more

Dictyopharidae Planthopper

Dictyopharidae Planthopper

This spectacular planthopper belongs to the family Dictyopharidae. I photographed it using my new LumiQuest SoftBox III fitted on Godox V860C Ving ETTL Flash wirelessly (flash held in my left hand). This allowed me to change the direction of light as I wanted independent of the camera. But it created very awkward position I had … Read more