Moodabidri Kambala 2016

Moodabidri Kambala 2016

My home town Moodabidri hosted its 14th annual Buffalo race, Kambala at Kadalakere Nisargadhama on Saturday January 23rd. The Kambala or the buffalo race is unique to Udupi & Mangalore districts. Historically Kambala was the event when farmers paid tribute to their gods for protecting their crops. There used to be lot of celebration and … Read more

Metabones Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF Lenses Brief Review

Metabones T Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF

Few days back I purchased a Metabones Canon EF to Sony E-Mount T Smart Adapter Mark IV to test Sony Alfa cameras with Canon EF lenses. This adapter allows you to use your Canon mount lenses on Sony E-Mount camera. I had recently attended Sony workshop and was impressed by their cameras. I wanted to … Read more

Sirui Dehumidifier Review

Sirui HC-70 Dehumidifier

One of the hazard of living in coastal region like ours is high level of humidity. Hot and humid weather we have, is perfect breeding ground for the fungus. The relative humidity (RH) here is around 90% RH during most of the year. When exposed to moisture or high humidity, fungus easily grows on your … Read more

Human – Dog Bonding

Carbon exhausted after playing in water

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have……the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog” – George Graham Vest Carbon, our Labrador puppy came into our lives as a bolt from blue. When I carried the two month old Labrador puppy back home soon … Read more

Glimpses of Singapore Part 6

Statue of Singapore founder Stamford Raffles

As it was our last day in Singapore, we wanted to explore one of the last item on our, must see list, Asian Civilisations Museum. Museum was located just across the Singapore river where we were staying. Seeing the sun raising behind the Asian Civilisations Museum each morning from the gallery, where we have our … Read more