Ropalidia Social Wasp Nest

Ropalidia Social Wasp

I found two foundress Ropalidia species of paper wasps, initiating a new nest on one of the granite pillars of my courtyard. I used Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM illuminated by Godox Ving V860C II E-TTL Li-ion Camera Flash fitted with LumiQuest SoftBox III to capture these … Read more Ropalidia Social Wasp Nest

Natural Light Macro – Southern Heliodor Damselfly

Natural Light Macro - Southern Heliodor Damselfly

One of the questions I get very frequently from beginner macro photography enthusiast is, why should I get flash for photography and is it possible to shoot macro with natural light. The best light for outdoor macro photography is a bright, overcast sky where the thin cloud diffuses sunlight and acts like a giant softbox. … Read more Natural Light Macro – Southern Heliodor Damselfly

Hamadruas Spider

Hamadruas Spider

I found this Hamadruas spider in my garden waiting for the prey. Hamadruas is a genus of lynx spider family Oxyopidae with Indo-Malayan distribution. Most Lynx spider species make little use of webs, instead spending their lives as hunting spiders on plants. Many species frequent flowers in particular, ambushing pollinators. I used Canon EOS 5DS … Read more Hamadruas Spider