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Krishna Mohan
Krishna Mohan

I am Dr. Krishna Mohan (krishi as I am affectionately called). I am a surgeon practicing at my own hospital – Prabhu Hospital at Moodabidri along with my wife Dr. Radhika Prabhu. I live at Moodabidri in my home Akruthi along with my wife and daughter Neethi.

My varied interests include trekking, mountaineering, wildlife conservation, photography, classical music, computers and Internet. I was a member of the team of 1990 Expedition Brahma I, to scale 21,050 feet of this world’s 17th toughest peak on western Himalayas. I am also member of Arohana, mountaineers and adventurers, Mangalore.

I served for World Wide Fund for Nature in 1989-92 and conducted innumerable nature camps for young nature enthusiasts at Mudumalai, Bandipur, Nagarhole,& Bhadra wild life sanctuaries. Now I am an active member of Wildlife First. I am the founder member and the presently secretary of the CyberForum Of Mangalore, the organization responsible for getting Internet connectivity to Mangalore & Udupi districts. I have conducted numerous workshops & lecture demonstrations on world wide web and Computers in general in & around Mangalore. My special interests include medical software, bleeding edge technology, Linux and other open source as well as free software, Pocket PC.

My main interest in photography include Macros, Closeups and Nature. I use this blog to educate people about nature as well as on photography techniques. I along with few friends started Mangalore Photography Club few years back. Under this very succesful club we have been conducting several photography workshops, boot camps and photo walks. We have a 2500 member strong and very active photo critic forum on Facebook which will help in learning photography as well as critically analyzing and improving photos.

This year I started a new venture called Creative Focus. It is an unique idea helping aspiring photographers to gain knowledge of Photography using one-on-one workshop. You will gain a clear & concise understanding of skills and technique behind the art of Photography. Sharpen your skills as well as refine your technique with our exclusive hands on workshops specially catered exclusively for you, keeping in mind your experience, knowledge and your needs. Our workshops are held in a compact environment with not more than six participants, so each one can interact as well learn the techniques hands-on.

Currently I have a self assembled Intel i7 4770k with 32GB Ram 8TB HDD space, running Windows Technical preview with multi booting into several Linux distros. I have Moto X Phone, Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera as well as innumerable gadgets which I like to test and play.

Here is my Latest Gear list

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  1. Hello! You and your website, including all your pictures are just awesome. Loved the pictures. It’s so difficult to click the close button, is it just me? Don’t stop, they’re just too good to be stopped.


  2. Just happened to browse through your site after reading your suggestion on FZ200 in JJMehta forum.
    Quite versatile and having mastery in whatever you touch!
    I would be blessed to meet you at some point in time in this life. Hope life gives me the opportunity and time to meet you.

  3. Dear Shankar Iyer,
    Thanks for your wonderful words. If you plan to come towards Mangalore please do give me a call, I’ll be glad to make your wish fulfilled by meeting you 🙂

  4. Hello Dr.
    just happened to come across your blog… must say am over joyed to have found this page.. wow never knew that Moodabidri had someone so active in this lines.. 🙂 oh am from Moodabidri too.. nice work..

  5. Hello, nice website showcasing your passion. Could you please inform me of ways to sell the existing gear that I do not need while buying new ones?

  6. Hi Doc.
    Great pictures.
    Im based in Madras but from Mangalore. A journalist-publisher. In recent years been touring my home region. Yearn for the nice rains this season. I was keen to see any Kambala buffalo races and wonder if they are held now or later in the year?
    Your info will be useful.

  7. Dr. Krishi, have learnt a lot thru your blog about Kambla Festival, andlike to know more details about that event. Will be grateful if you could send us with some details of place / hapeening date / time etc as some foreign tourist are vey much interested to visit. You can ctc me 09538361684

  8. Dear Krishna,
    Me and Soumya Geeta had contacted you regarding Kambala Last year. Your calendar for Kambala was of great help last year. Do you have the same calendar for 2013-14. I am planning to take a group of guys this year also. Please help. Have sent you a friend request on Facebook too.
    my email – Sans388@gmail.com

  9. Hello sir,

    I am srinath, an engineering graduate from MIT manipal.I work in mangalore now.I would like to know more about your photography workshops.Please let me know if there are any coming up this year.

  10. My one wish stumbling onto your blog is that ‘wish you were single’… my kind of a guy and you have my ex-hubby’s name!

  11. Hello Doctor
    I am from Mumbai, me and my friends are thinking of paying visit to kambala race on 15th March for photography purpose, can you guide us how to reach that place from manglore station and is there any other place where we can get nice photographs.
    Thanking you

  12. Was looking for info on the pied paddy skimmer and chanced upon here. Its great to see some one with such a myriad of interests. I am myself a amateur photographer, a android geek, and into literature and like you love the outdoors. Reading about people like you is indeed an inspiration to never rein in your interests. thank you.

  13. Dear Krishna,

    I was very impressed by your beautiful photography of a Monkey Puzzle, which is of particular interest to me. I am interested in ethology and the behaviour of butterflies, and the use of the tails and eyespots of lycaenids to imitate antennae. I was hoping to use your photograph (with acknowledgement) in a book I am writing about science and evolution, in which I describe my search for the Sri Lankan Monkey Puzzle.

    Best wishes

    Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

  14. Dear Mr Krishna Mohan,
    I have tried several times to send you a message on your Contact Me tab, but it simply does not go through. (Your Contact page seems to time out before one can click Send, presumably out of an excess of caution against spambots!) I would like to use one of your excellent photographs as an illustration in a scholarly article of mine on the Natyashastra, due to be published in a print academic journal in the US. I need to do this quickly, so please contact me at my official e-mail address as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance,
    Vinay Dharwadker
    Professor of Comparative Literature
    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  15. Hi,
    Pl let me know about the upcoming photography workshops in and around Mangalore.

  16. great work sir , i am from maharashtra , working as news photographer , i want to attend next year mangalore kambala program

  17. Read your review of Sirui Dry cabinets. I am going to buy one. will you please explain how to set humidity using the panel. No user manuals are available for downloads. Thanking you,
    Mevelloor PO, Pin 686609
    Kottayam District

  18. Dear Doctor,

    My name is Dennis and I stay at Mulky, I just started to learn bird watching,kindly suggest a camera and binoculars for a starter, whenever there is photography session let me know, I would like to participate.

    With warm Regards,

  19. Respected Doctor,
    I have a Nikon 200-500 lens whose diameter is 95mm. Expodiscs of that size are not available now. Any adapters available for using with 82mm expodiscs. If so is it good for correct White Balance.


  20. Dear Remesan C A,
    Expodisc is available in 95mm. You can import it via several forign websites. If you are interested I can send you the details. I am curious as in this age if Raw shooting why would you be so interested in expodisc which is sort of a snake oil rather than a true technology to correct white balance. I have always got right white balance without ever using expo disc I think we can discuss this further.

  21. Sir,
    I am using a Nikon D 7200. Is back button focus more suitable. Read some reviews. But as an experienced photographer, hoping some suggestions. Thanking You
    Remesan C A,
    Chalappurathillam, Velloor

  22. Hi Dr.

    My name is Praveen and I stay in Gurupura Kaikamba. I have recently started learning about photography.

    I am immensely happy that I found this website and to know that I will be able to learn a lot from this site. This website showcases the vast amount of knowledge and experience you have in wildlife photography and it will serve as a guiding lamp for a novice like me.



  23. Dr. Krishna Mohan,
    Your pictures are so good natural & raw. I truely enjoyed it. I happend to visit your website while I was searching about the Kambala in Talapady Panjala. I am actually planning to visit Talapady to see the Kambala on 21st March 2020. But saw that you have mentioned it is cancelled. Can you please confirm on this. If not can you please pass on the suitable contact to re confirm. I am from Bangalore. I tried to search online but couldn’t find right contact.


  24. Hello sir , iam a 3rd year zoology degree student from Bangalore, and am a native of kundapura , I need some info on good birding sites in and around kundapura , I hope you will guide me

  25. Hello sir , iam a zoology degree student from Bangalore, and am a native of kundapura , I need some info on good birding sites in and around kundapura , I hope you will guide me

  26. Dear Krishna Mohan
    People like you are a gift from god, not only to humanity, but to the entire planet and all its denizens. Keep illuminating the lives of all things living or non-living that exists on earth. I used to frequent WWF-India Office from 1991 to 1994 when I was posted at WII. I think we might have met but now after knowing about your multi-faceted works, has kindled a desire in me to meet you once again and learn from you about Nature.

  27. I think I vaguely remember you. Sorry it was so long back. Thanks for your kind words. Kindly let me know where and when we can meet. I would be really glad to meet you. 🙂

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