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Krishna Mohan
Krishna Mohan

I am Dr. Krishna Mohan (krishi as I am affectionately called). I am a surgeon practicing at my own hospital – Prabhu Hospital at Moodabidri along with my wife Dr. Radhika Prabhu. I live at Moodabidri in my home Akruthi along with my wife and daughter Neethi.

My varied interests include trekking, mountaineering, wildlife conservation, photography, classical music, computers and Internet. I was a member of the team of 1990 Expedition Brahma I, to scale 21,050 feet of this world’s 17th toughest peak on western Himalayas. I am also member of Arohana, mountaineers and adventurers, Mangalore.

I served for World Wide Fund for Nature in 1989-92 and conducted innumerable nature camps for young nature enthusiasts at Mudumalai, Bandipur, Nagarhole,& Bhadra wild life sanctuaries. Now I am an active member of Wildlife First. I am the founder member and the presently secretary of the CyberForum Of Mangalore, the organization responsible for getting Internet connectivity to Mangalore & Udupi districts. I have conducted numerous workshops & lecture demonstrations on world wide web and Computers in general in & around Mangalore. My special interests include medical software, bleeding edge technology, Linux and other open source as well as free software, Pocket PC.

My main interest in photography include Macros, Closeups and Nature. I use this blog to educate people about nature as well as on photography techniques. I along with few friends started Mangalore Photography Club few years back. Under this very succesful club we have been conducting several photography workshops, boot camps and photo walks. We have a 2500 member strong and very active photo critic forum on Facebook which will help in learning photography as well as critically analyzing and improving photos.

This year I started a new venture called Creative Focus. It is an unique idea helping aspiring photographers to gain knowledge of Photography using one-on-one workshop. You will gain a clear & concise understanding of skills and technique behind the art of Photography. Sharpen your skills as well as refine your technique with our exclusive hands on workshops specially catered exclusively for you, keeping in mind your experience, knowledge and your needs. Our workshops are held in a compact environment with not more than six participants, so each one can interact as well learn the techniques hands-on.

Currently I have a self assembled Intel i7 4770k with 32GB Ram 8TB HDD space, running Windows Technical preview with multi booting into several Linux distros. I have Moto X Phone, Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera as well as innumerable gadgets which I like to test and play.

Here is my Latest Gear list

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  1. Wow! You’re a doc, a webmaster and a gadget guru! I’ve never known someone with such varied interests! It’s a pleasure knowing about your achievements and you.

  2. Great Work!
    Really good. Like to meet you some time.

    I’m an advertising professional and I live in Mangalore

  3. Dear Manohar Nayak,
    Thanks for your compliments, I would love to meet you. Please do drop in if you happen to come to Moodabidri, my hospital in the center of the town.
    Krishna Mohan

  4. Hi, Krishna,
    Ya it’s been a long time. How are you? Which subfield you are in? I am a anaesthetist.I must go to Moodbidri. I studied pre u there. Hope to see you this 26th Dec. By the way, do you have Arjun or Mona email address? I would like them to help book hotel rooms for me and Ramesh. Ramesh and I work in the same hospital from 2008. Now he got transfer to another state.
    Thanks. See you in the reunion. Bye

  5. Dear Dr. KRISHNA,
    Its indeed a pleasure to meet someone like you who is deeply passionate about a range of interests.

    Dr. Abhijit,

  6. Namaste. Got to know about you by Abhaya Simha, my good friend. My wishes to you. Really a great effort to have interests in such a varied spectrum. Hope to meet you some time

  7. Thank you and the Mangalore Photography Club for conducting the workshop we had today. Not only it is going serve as a guiding lightt for lot of budding amateurs , but it also gave us the opportunity to know and interact with such a dynamic personalities like you and Mr Rohith Rao and also Mr Drijaraj. I hope and wish that lot of good thing are gonna come out of the club as long as people like you are at the helms. I wish you all the best.

  8. Whoa ! Killer PC Configuration ! Well, its like a superspeed rocket i guess ! Would love to see the working of that PC ! Never knew such a PC existed even in Mangalore ! Mine’s AMD Athlon X2 , 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Running Win XP, Vista Ultimate, Win 7 Beta, Win 7 Ultimate RTM, Ubuntu [ Penta-Boot ;)] .

    About your photography skills i have no words ! Simply excellent. BTW do let me know if you are coming to this years Virasat, As i’m a student at Alva’s. Would like to se you in action there. And thanks for the wonderful workshop 🙂

  9. Hi.. Krishna Mohan….

    This is a surprise to me…and nice to know about your interest in .

    I am Sadashiv from Moodbidri…( your sister’s friend Anjana’s brother )

    We have hardly met in Moodbidri.. I remember the days when I gave Aquarium to your house…The good old days…

    Surprisingly I am introduced to you by Shiva… on Flickr…..

    best regards,

    Sadashiv Kamath

  10. Dr Krishna Mohan,
    Came accross your site throgh a friend of mine. Great ! I am a physician in Shimoga and would like to learn from you reg photography .
    Thank you

  11. It was nice to hear from you. Thanks a lot for visiting my site. Great to know that you too are a physician. My blog is one way of teaching photography. I mention how I took photograph along with tidbits on the subject at hand. Also if you check larger version of the photos by clicking on them you can find out detailed information on the parameters I used to take the photograph. Buy a nice cheap camera and start using it and that is the best way to start learning.

    If you have any question please feel free to ask

  12. Good day,
    Loved seeing your photographs and your work on this blog. I am from Mangalore and currently on leave here. I intend to document the wildlife of mangalore during this leave on my blog. Professionally I am a captain but Wildlife, especially Indian wildlife has been my passion. Your blog is certainly an inspiration to me. Would like to get in touch, especially if you know some good spots in DK for birding and wildlife.

  13. Dear Dr. Krishnamohan,

    I have seen you at Athree many times. But haven’t spoken much. Your blog-site is quite motivating and inspirational by the sheer range of your interests beyond the area of your core competency! Such multiple interests make life meaningful.

  14. hello sir, am nazeer. member of ‘MUDRAKHYA’ PALAKKAD. this is realy wonderfull work. i want to talk to you sir. plz send me ur number… or if u get time plz call me. 09847244433.

  15. Great site Krishna Mohan How are you then ? I am working now at KMC Manipal Our batch is planning to have a reunion at Mnaagalore in Dec 2010 Please contact Pavan Hegde for detials

  16. Its good to know about you Dr Krishna.

    It is always a pleasure for me to know Photography lovers.

    I am also a lover of photography, precisely of Nature Photography. I love the Himalayas and want explore the whole Himalayan Range. I am an amateur photographer and doing my bit by selling some of my stuff on Microstock.

    Following this blog will help me learn more about photography.

  17. hi,
    i m a vety.doc.worked a lot on snakes.was working for their conservation.still didnt get proper guidense so lacking my work.suggest me somthing so i can explore my work on snakes


  18. i am a NSS volunteer of ST.Aloysius college.i am really interested in your speech and i visited your site that was amazing.Actually i already captured some of these images through my eyes but i think now after went through this photographs i realize how low is my observation.thank you for giving such a great inspiring program.and also i am very happy to receive a prize from you.thank you sir.

  19. Amazing website Sir, Its nice to meet you Sir, Photos are awesome, I was searching some of the Tulu cultural, heritage and coastal Karnataka s photos, but i stucked here . Great job sir.

  20. Amazing website Sir, Its nice to meet you Sir, Photos are awesome, I was searching some of the Tulu cultural, heritage and coastal Karnataka s photos, but i stucked here .

  21. Watch out for this doc armed with a camera :))
    he will risk his life (and maybe yours too) to take the best picutres ever of your first microlight landing …and then broadly smile and say … i knew you would stop before …

  22. dear krishi,

    it was long time i visited your site. reason is it is not possible to come out ! simply amazing. biological vaues of your photos can make anybody mad. i am convinced you see LIFE through lenses ! bought one nikon D7000 and struggling to use its potential! will send some of old collections taken through cybershot and coolpix. do not laugh at my shots!

  23. Atree ASHOK,through his blog, has led me to your blog.The photos,especially,of the birds,are aesthetically beautiful.Thanks.

  24. hi,doctor,got your link thru ashokvardhan s blog ,bird photos are really a treat to the eyes ,wonder how you find time for all these activities,want to meet you at your free time,

    thank you

  25. I got your link by ashok vardhan. By seeing your photos I am not even to the dust of your foot doctor. surprise to see an doctor with caring mind to nature. can i have some tips of photography. if you are conducting any photography seminar can i come to know it. I think i have a long way to go in photography.

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  27. Hi Sir,

    how are you?
    I wanted an information. Is there any museum on insects in your area or in your surroundings? We are planning for a trip with PU students, so if you know about it kindly inform about the same.


  28. Dear Pavan,
    There are no Museum on insects nearby. In fact the only museum we have nearby here is in Mangalore. Called Bejai Museum (Seemanthi Bai Government Museum) is the only museum of city and links contemporary Indian history with the 16th century. It is named after the mother Seemanthi Bai of an officer V.R. Mirajkar of British Raj.

    Through the collections of ancient and foreign coins, some belonging to British East India Company and Pakistan, and stylish paintings among others the museum provides a immense knowledge about the Indian history and heritage. This museum is very valuable for the researches as it houses an asset of metallic icons, statues, lamps and inscriptions made out of copper. Copper inscription containing the verses of Keladi Venkatappa Nayaka, dating back to 1624 AD is the one major draw here.

    Krishna Mohan

  29. Hey man. Nice to see someone with so varied interests. Makes me feel like anything’s possible. 😀 I like your work. Love the ship wreck pic. If it’s alright, I will be using it in one of my future projects.

    I am a freelancer based in Delhi. Have been doing renderings and videos for a long time. Your blog seems to be a great resource for someone like me.
    And also would like to meet you someday. You are truly gifted and truly worth knowing. Carry on.

  30. Its simply great to know about your varied talents and skills. You will be an icon for keeping all our passion alive.

  31. Hello Dr. Krishi,

    So happly to see u r profile… You are an example to Mankind… Big Bow to u….. Lot more things to learn from you…. Wish you all the success on your way ahead…
    Amazing Photography!

  32. Hi Krishi,

    Yours is the one of the best site on nature and photography. Why don’t you sign up in IndiBlogger.in a community of Indian bloggers so that many can know about your work and blog.


  33. Krishna Sir……I want to definitely meet you. My son Karthik Bhaktha is studying in Alvas Engg College at Moodabidri. Which hospital Sir where we can meet you. You are such an amazing and interesting personality all rolled into one…..!!! If we have your permission, would love to meet you Sir. After reading your blog the desire to meet you has become stronger :-)……I am lucky to have met you virtually……thnx to FB….!!!

  34. Sorry Krishna Sir….got it “Prabhu Hospital”….all I need is your permission to meet you when I am there. Currently I am in Mumbai, working in Air India as A Senior Aircraft Engineer.

  35. Hi,

    We’re interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.


    Amandeep singh

  36. Hi Krishnamohan,
    I came across your website when I was looking for some nature pics. I clicked on the “ABOUT ME” link. Then I realized you are my High School classmate. Nice to see you after so many years.

    I looked at some of the pics. Looks like you have mastered the art of photography. Good to know you are involved in so many things.

    Prashanth Kumar
    Philadelphia USA

  37. It’s indeed great to see a Doc interested in Nature and photography. Your photographs have excellent clarity, color coordination and perfect light effects. Considering Doc’s life very busy, How do you get time to pursue all these interests?
    I am also from DK, Udupi and GSB too.
    I would like to meet you sometime when I am in Udupi.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gopal Baliga

  38. Hi Sir, I am Shashidhar from Bangalore. Your initiative in conserving wildlife is very impressive. I liked your photography as i am also learning the nature photography. Your photoes have chnaged my view of watching the nature in different way so i can observe it carefully when i take the pictures. You are multi talented person and model for the young people who wish to do things differently without wasting time.


  39. Hi. All your photographs till date are amazing. Great work indeed. Initially I did try to understand photography a bit, but finally gave up. Presently I just enjoy looking at the photographs and reading about them.

  40. I am very glad to see your passions and varied interests. I am glad also because I have similar interests…am an Ayurveda MD, hobbies include photography, internet, gadgets, cars, travel, blogging, reading, spa consultancy etc. I would be relocating to Moodbidri soon and would love to meet you.

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