Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

It has been hectic week, I upgraded to Vista 64bit version. Upped my RAM from 3GB to 6GB to take advantage of 64 bit (or was it otherway round  😉 ) Now my adobe photoshop CS4 64 bit version Rocks, I can use nearly 4GB for the Photoshop. Lightroom 2.1 is also 64bit, I found the experience is quite pleasnt with no hitches at all. My NVIDIA 8800GT 512MB Video card is chugging along quietly . GPU accelerationin Photoshop feels great, most of the zoom and rotation has buttery feel of smoothness.

here is great link for all the photographers on using Photoshop CS4. John Nack on his blog written a single, consolidated list of all the enhancements in Photoshop CS4 & Bridge CS4 that can help improve their productivity.  Bryan O’Neil Hughes has written this guest blog entry, below.  It’s a very comprehensive list of new features.  Read on.

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