Nature – The Designer

Nature - The Designer

We live in a world created by Nature but mutilated by humans. Every day we interact with hundreds of natural objects, the majority of which we take for granted. If you observe carefully, Nature is the best designer as well as beautiful inspirational source, provided you learn from it. In fact, I consider Nature to … Read moreNature – The Designer

Kudla Kalamela 2017

Kudla Kalamela 2017

The much awaited Kudla Kalamela 2017 was back with more participation and more attraction. It was held on the 15th of April 2017 and 16th of April 2017. Promoted by Karavali Chitra Kala Chavadi and media powered by Beauty Wall Spot, the event presented around 200 promising artists from Karnataka and neighbouring Kerala with more … Read moreKudla Kalamela 2017

Kambala 2016-17

Miyar Kambala 2015

Here is the Time table of Kambala Races which are going held in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi & Kasargod Districts during the year 2016-17. These are the dates announced by District Kambala Committee. The Karnataka High Court again imposed the ban on Kambala sport (Buffalo Race) in Dakshina Kannada District. The Kambala sport was banned in … Read moreKambala 2016-17

In Search of Lost Gods – Cambodia Part 1

Sunset at Marine Drive, Kochi

Whenever I told my friends in India I am planning to travel to Cambodia, I used to get raised eye brow and question back to me. “Where is it? Africa?” Such is the ignorance among us about this ancient Hindu kingdom, which has the world’s largest religious monument. Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in … Read moreIn Search of Lost Gods – Cambodia Part 1


Ranga Adhyana Kendra at Alvas College, Moodbidri performed Mahamayi play written by Jnanapeetha award winner Dr Chandrashekhara Kambara. The first stage show of the play was performed on evening of October 4th at the Nudisiri auditorium, Vidyagiri. The performances were shown every evening till October 9th. This capture was of the performance held on October … Read moreMahamayi

Painterly Butterfly

Suffused Double-banded Judy with Topaz Glow & Impression

To create the above image I used two filters from Topaz labs – Topaz Glow 2 and the Topaz Impression 2. I used the first image used in my last blog – Suffused Double-banded Judy I combined two filters for the look. I wanted to enhance the look of the butterfly without distorting the feel. … Read morePainterly Butterfly