Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing

After 5 years of development, Vista is finally RTM’ed. Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services Division has put together a video about the announcement where he announces the General Availability (GA) date of 30 January 2007 for Vista. On a conference call with Jim Allchin, Microsoft announced that they will have 18 … Read moreWindows Vista Released to Manufacturing

How to read *.hlp files on Vista

Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) is no longer included with Windows. If you go to Microsoft knowledge base article 917607 you will find that “Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) is a help program that has been included with Microsoft Windows versions starting with the Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating system. WinHlp32.exe is required to display 32-bit help content files … Read moreHow to read *.hlp files on Vista

SyncToy 1.4 for Vista & XP

There are files from all kinds of sources that we want to store and manage. Files are created by our digital cameras, e-mail, cell phones, portable media players, camcorders, PDAs, and laptops. Increasingly, computer users are using different folders, drives, and even different computers (such as a laptop and a desktop) to store, manage, retrieve … Read moreSyncToy 1.4 for Vista & XP

Security company claims Vista’s PatchGuard cracked

Controversy has emerged over PatchGuard, the kernel protection service scheduled to be included in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista. Microsoft’s PatchGuard technology, scheduled for inclusion in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, has caused a furor from certain antivirus vendors, who charged that Microsoft was gaining an “unfair advantage” by not allowing them unfettered … Read moreSecurity company claims Vista’s PatchGuard cracked

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Released

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 is the technology which enables instant search on your computer. It helps you to find, preview, and use your documents, e-mail, music, photos, and other items. The search engine in Windows Desktop Search 3.0 is a Windows service that is also used by applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and … Read moreWindows Desktop Search 3.0 Released