Internet Explorer & Firefox Blame Game Starts

Thor Larholm, A security researcher has found a security bug that could be attacked in Internet Explorer. Mozilla said it plans to patch the problem in its next Firefox software update. No, that’s not a typo, just the strange fall-out from an unusual bug that had security researchers debating the question this week: “Who’s to … Read moreInternet Explorer & Firefox Blame Game Starts

New Zero-Day Bugs in Internet Explorers and Firefox

A noted security researcher disclosed four new zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft and Mozilla’s browsers, including a critical flaw in Internet Explorer (IE) and a “major” bug in Firefox. Michael Zalewski, who regularly publishes browser flaw findings, posted details on the Full-disclosure mailing list for cookie-stealing, keystroke-snooping, malicious downloading and site-spoofing bugs. The most serious of … Read moreNew Zero-Day Bugs in Internet Explorers and Firefox

QuickTime Bugs Beat Internet Explorer

Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia ApS has concluded that Apple Incorporated’s QuickTime is three times more likely to pose a threat than Microsoft Corporation’s Internet Explorer 6 and six times more likely to be a threat than Mozilla Corporation’s Firefox. According to an analysis of more than 350,000 system checks done over the last six months … Read moreQuickTime Bugs Beat Internet Explorer

Threat Remains Unabated for Internet Explorer 6

Those who are using internet explorer as their browser seems to face a lot more exploits than others. New software is released that could be used to exploit a known flaw in Internet Explorer. The code, which was posted Monday to the Web site, exploits a recently patched flaw in Microsoft Corp.’s browser. It … Read moreThreat Remains Unabated for Internet Explorer 6