Metamorphosis for 21st Century

Windows8 Desktop

One day Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, wakes up to find his Desktop PC transformed into a horrible vermin mobile phone. Confused, he looks around his room which appears normal. He decides to fall asleep again and forget what happened in the hope that everything will revert to normal. He remembered night before he fell … Read more

Search for a perfect OS

If you recall in my earlier post I was in search of a good operating system to replace windows. In these 20 days I tried several versions of Linux. SLAX was fantastic distro using Slackware as a source. It uses modules which help you to simplify the installation of programs. live scripts it uses is … Read more

The Last Straw

It has been raining so much out side, I wanted a drastic change of things around me, mainly the stuff on my computer. I was using Vista for a long time (right from the day it went to become RTM Nov 2006). I was getting more and more disillusioned with the way Windows is going. … Read more

Advanced Search Terms for Vista

Windows Vista and Windows Desktop Search 3.01 recognize many advanced query operators that can make your desktop searches super-pinpointed. This document on Windows Vista Blog provides an exhaustive list of those operators. On Windows Vista you can use these operators to define a search, and then save it as a Search Folder. Once you start … Read more