Android App for My Blog

Android App for My Blog

Android dominates the mobile platform and is widely used. Creating and publishing Android App to the Android Market for my blog was one of the idea suggested by a friend of mine. You must be wondering creating Android App requires intense programming skills and lot of hard work. You are mistaken 🙂 Just a click … Read moreAndroid App for My Blog

Focus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Focus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Focus stacking is a technique which helps to extend an apparent depth of field in a picture. It works especially well for macro and landscape shots. It will be more useful when the smallest aperture is often insufficient to render everything in focus. When we require more depth of field (or more area in focus), … Read moreFocus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Creating Photo Borders Using ImageMagick

Green Crab Spider without any Photo Border

Many of our readers have made several polite inquires concerning the border utilized on my photographs. If you enlarge any of the images used on my blog, you will notice a dainty white bordering to them, further accentuated by a drop shadow. This bordering was created using a very handy open source tool called ImageMagick, … Read moreCreating Photo Borders Using ImageMagick

Happy Birthday Photography or A Brief History of the art of painting with light…

Portrait of Louis Daguerre (1787-1851)

Historically, Photography can best be defined as the art of capturing beautiful, often fantastical imagery using light, on photosensitive material such as film, or image sensors, in case of digital photography, as every wise photographer doth know. What most do not, however, is that using chemical reactions to create images with light was nothing remarkable, … Read moreHappy Birthday Photography or A Brief History of the art of painting with light…

Importing Old E-Mails To a New Gmail Address

My original account, now almost 92% full

Spam, unwanted advertisements and the sheer amount of e-mails I had received over the last few years had my inbox clogged and I found that I had nearly used up my quota of space allotted by Google. Seeking a solution to my predicament, I was faced with two options. Either delete all mails or transfer … Read moreImporting Old E-Mails To a New Gmail Address

Windows Phone 8 Woes

Windows Phone 8

Anyone who is addicted to Android phones will find it very difficult to get adjusted to claustrophobic environment of Windows Phone platform. I went from Android phones to Nokia Lumia 720 sporting the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system on it. Nokia Lumia 720 is a thin and light weight phone. Glossy and Matte options … Read moreWindows Phone 8 Woes