Canon EOS-5D Mark IV Very Brief Review

Canon EOS-5D Mark IV

Last week I had a surprise gift by my good friend Jinesh Prasad, who handed me his newly purchased Canon EOS-5D Mark IV and asked me to review it. Since I was doing a Photowalk in Mangaluru two days later, I thought it will be a very good opportunity to test this oven fresh camera. … Read more

Metabones Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF Lenses Brief Review

Metabones T Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF

Few days back I purchased a Metabones Canon EF to Sony E-Mount T Smart Adapter Mark IV to test Sony Alfa cameras with Canon EF lenses. This adapter allows you to use your Canon mount lenses on Sony E-Mount camera. I had recently attended Sony workshop and was impressed by their cameras. I wanted to … Read more

Sirui Dehumidifier Review

Sirui HC-70 Dehumidifier

One of the hazard of living in coastal region like ours is high level of humidity. Hot and humid weather we have, is perfect breeding ground for the fungus. The relative humidity (RH) here is around 90% RH during most of the year. When exposed to moisture or high humidity, fungus easily grows on your … Read more

Explore your Shooting Habits Using Lightroom Dashboard

Lightroom Dashboard

Most of us are self proclaimed Adobe Lightroom addicts. While Lightroom can search images stored inside the catalog, isn’t it nice to see your photographic statistical data stored in that catalog? Have a look at the new Lightroom Dashboard, a free online utility that you can access directly from your browser which can reveal about … Read more

Android App for My Blog

Android App for My Blog

Android dominates the mobile platform and is widely used. Creating and publishing Android App to the Android Market for my blog was one of the idea suggested by a friend of mine. You must be wondering creating Android App requires intense programming skills and lot of hard work. You are mistaken 🙂 Just a click … Read more

Focus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Focus Stacking Using Zerene Stacker

Focus stacking is a technique which helps to extend an apparent depth of field in a picture. It works especially well for macro and landscape shots. It will be more useful when the smallest aperture is often insufficient to render everything in focus. When we require more depth of field (or more area in focus), … Read more