Changes to the blog

I have been off the blog for quite some time. The last year has brought quite a few changes to me. So I wanted my blog also to change with that.

I have been involved in my new interest in Photography especially digital photography. I have been interested in this field from my student days but other hobbies drove photography to shelf and my good old Nikon FM film SLR was languishing in the dehumidifier for very very long time. I had neither time nor film to use the camera.

Beginning of 2008 I purchased Canon 40D camera with array of lenses. Now this has rejuvenated my interest in Photography.

Now I plan to showcase my photos on this blog. So this required a sea change. First to go was the previous blog design. Giraffe was good for my earlier musings on the technology front, but was inadequate for my photos. So I went in search of a black design which was pleasing, which finally led me to the present design called Layers theme Designed by Jai Pandya. After resizing and changing the few design elements I made it to suit my needs for this blog.

Tag line was the next to go as I found the taking a wild shot at life an appropriate tag for this blog. Third in the line was the blog name. many of you know by the name Krishi and not as drkrishi, so i thought of renaming the blog as krishi’s blog, but the ” ‘s ” was a problematic from the design point of view, thus the new name for the blog ‘krishi online’ was born. But then I realized renaming it as will be a easier transition.

I want your comments on all these changes. See you soon.

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