Exciting time ahead

I have been dormant from blogging for a long time. Last one year has been quite a refreshing one. Photography has become a major part in my life. It was all because of the purchase of the DSLR camera Canon EOS 40D. I was happy shooting from bridge camera till then but it never used to give me the satisfaction that a SLR could give. So camera ended as just a point and shoot stuff till last year. With purchase of 40D in January all this changed. I could get results out of the camera as I wanted.

Last 8 months were used to master both the camera as well as post processing techniques using Photoshop CS3 & Lightroom.

Now it is exciting to hear that new camera from Canon is on the horizon Canon EOS 5D mark II. Also out is the new version of Photoshop called Adobe photoshop CS4. All these have technology so interesting that they are going to revolutionize the way we percive photography.

I plan to restart my blog which will now focus on these topics. So until next time see yaa

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  1. Dear Krishna Mohan
    1st of all congrajulations for such a wonderful collection of stunning images.

    Iam currently working in Dubai as Travel Agency Sales Staff. Only passion is photography. Recently bought Canon 5D mark11 with a 24-105mm l is usm lens. I need an important clarification regarding the processing of RAW images taken with this camera,in CS4. I cannot open it and I checked with many people and nobody could help me. Please I need an urgent reply. I think you can help me in this matter.

  2. Dear Kareem,
    Thanks for dropping by to my site and asking question about 5D mark II & CS4.
    I hope you like 5D mark II and the result it produces.

    The default CS4 installation contains Adobe Camera Raw 5.0 which does not support raw files from 5D Mark II.
    You need Adobe camera raw 5.2 or above to read those Raw files. As of now the Latest version is Adobe Camera Raw 5.4
    I would suggest you to run update from help ->updates from the Adobe photoshop CS4 menu and run Adobe Updates.
    Alternatively you can also download Adobe Camera Raw 5.4 separately and install from this link (for Windows )
    Once Installed and when you restart you should be able to open any Raw file from from 5D mark II in either Adobe Bridge or Photoshop as easily as any other file.

    Hope this will clarify the matter. Keep visiting my website. please provide your valuable comments so that I can improve this site as well as my photographs.
    Krishna Mohan

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