Feeds Plus

Feeds Plus is a free IE7 add-on that adds two features to the Windows Feeds experience: aggregation and notification.
Feeds Plus
Feeds Plus, running in the background, can combine multiple feeds into a single, river of news-style feed. All the user has to do is turn on Feeds Plus’ aggregator, and every folder of feeds will sprout an aggregate feed at the top. This can be very useful – for instance, you can make a folder with all of your news feeds and then read all your news at once through the News’ aggregate feed. Read/unread information is synced between the aggregate feed and its children, and aggregate feeds are searchable just like any other feed. If multiple feeds use Simple List Extensions (SLE) then the corresponding aggregate feed will as well – this is cool because you can combine multiple different eBay feeds, and use SLE to sort by price across all of them.

A pop-up feed notification reminiscent of Outlook’s is the second feature in Feeds Plus. The Windows Feed Download Engine always runs in the background, so users have to check to see if new items have arrived. With

pop-up feed notification

Feeds Plus, the user can choose which feeds matter most to them and get a pop-up ‘toast’ as soon as those feeds have new items waiting. The pop-up is designed to be unobtrusive—it fades in and out and won’t go crazy and flash every half second—and it includes a handy link to the feeds that it’s announcing.

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