Flash Strikes back

Just When Microsoft is preparing for Flash killer, Adobe is coming out with Flash Media player.

At the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas next week, Adobe is expected to detail the new player for downloaded media which will work with Windows or Mac desktops. Currently, Adobe provides no way for playing back Flash videos outside of the browser.

Formerly code-named Philo, Adobe Media Player will let users subscribe to and play video podcasts published with RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The application also allows users to comment on and share videos.

Adobe has developed the player with content publishers in mind, providing security tools and a way to customize the presentation for downloaded video files.

Publishers who already use Flash for streaming Web video can reuse those same assets for downloadable content, said Mark Randall, chief strategist for Adobe’s Dynamic Media Organization. Seventy-six percent of broadcasters already use Flash for Web streaming, he said.

The Adobe Media Player will support two kinds of security: One will allow a downloaded, shareable video file to be bundled with advertising that can’t be separated. The other content control system will tie downloaded content to specific machines or people.


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