International Kite Festival 2010 at Mangalore

Today I went to photograph the International Kite Festival 2010 held at Mangalore’s Panambur beach. the Beach was crowded with thousands of people who gathered to see the numerous kites at the two-day international kite festival. The kites ranging from the giant to the small dotted the sky at the beach and featured plenty of attractive designs.

Professional kite flyers and amateurs alike are participating in this festival. The AWITA(Always In The Air) group headed by Nicolos Chorier from France, Maarteen van Hienen from Netherlands, and Karl Hongboton from UK, brought along their special kites. Giant kites, aerofoil kites, stunt kites, nylon-made kites, teddy bear kite, and penguin kite are being flown by this group of international kite fliers. This International Kite Festival 2010 was organized by Team Mangalore.

Please check this Album for the photos. You can click on each photo to get bigger version. If you are not able to see the photos please download Adobe Flash add-on for your browser.

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7 thoughts on “International Kite Festival 2010 at Mangalore”

  1. Hi,
    Hope you remember me, I was just showing my wife, your Lunar eclipse photos which I seen in the after noon from office, but now its double bonus, Kite festival photos also – Katheer masbooth, Jidden, Thamam, Mumthaaaaaaz…

    Please keep in touch
    Shanavas from Jeddah/KSA

  2. Dear Shanavas, I sure remember you. Convey my warm regards to your family. Hope they have enjoyed my website. Keep visiting as I post almost every week.
    Regards and thanks for all the compliments
    Krishna Mohan

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