Kambala Time Table 2013-14

Kene Halage Splashes
Kene Halage Splashes

Here is the Time table of Kambala Races which are going held in Dakshina Kannada Udupi & Kasargod Districts during year 2013-14. These are the dates announced by District Kambala Committee.

17-Nov-2013, Sunday – Shirva Nadibettu, Surya Chandra
23-Nov-2013, Saturday – Surathkal, Madhavanagar, Rama Laxman
01-Dec-2013, Sunday – Bangadi, Surya Chandra
07-Dec-2013, Saturday – Venoor- Permude, Surya Chandra
14-Dec-2013, Saturday – Baradi Beedu, Surya Chandra
21-Dec-2013, Saturday – Mulki, Moodu Padu
22-Dec-2013, Sunday – Ballamanja, Shesha Naga
28-Dec-2013, Saturday – Hokkadigoli, Veera Vikarama
04-Jan-2014, Saturday – Adve-Namdikooru, Koti Chennaya
11-Jan-2014, Saturday – Miyaru, Lava Kusha
18-Jan-2014, Saturday – Ikala Bava, Kanthabare Budhabare
25-Jan-2014, Saturday – Moodubidire, Koti Chennaya
01-Feb-2014, Saturday – Katapadi, Moodu Padu
02-Feb-2014, Sunday – Panapila, Jaya Vijaya
02-Feb-2014, Sunday – Pervaje, Surya Chandra
08-Feb-2014, Saturday – Pilikula Nisargadhama, Nethravathi Phalguni
09-Feb-2014, Sunday – Kellapuththige, Surya Chandra
16-Feb-2014, Sunday – Pajeeru, Lava Kusha
22-Feb-2014, Saturday – Vamanjoor- Thiruvailu, Sanku Poonja Devu Poonja
02-Mar-2014, Sunday – Puttur, Koti Chennaya
08-Mar-2014, Saturday – Jappinamogaru, Jaya Vijaya
15-Mar-2014, Saturday – Uppinangadi, Vijaya Vikrama
16-Mar-2014, Sunday – Althar , Kshetrapala Nagaraja
22-Mar-2014, Saturday – Idu, Jaya Vijaya
29-Mar-2014, Saturday – Thalpadi-Panjala, Surya Chandra
06-Apr-2014, Sunday – Kakkepadavu, Sathya Dharma

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the timetable. I intend to write an article in the newly launched Kannada Lifestyle magazine Life360 (http://www.mylife360.in) about Kambala (with photos). Hope to generate more interest in this terrific sport. You have a very nice blog going. Have a nice day!

  2. You have to ask The organizers. I am not the one who decided the dates. I just publish it ๐Ÿ™‚ We have run out of Sundays. Plus there are other important days clashing with weekends might have been the reason for such a clash of dates.

  3. It was very kind of you to send me updated Kambala date by email. We would like shoot the race with TV camera around December period. Kindly let us know which race will be the biggest size wise ( more participants and grand ) and how we can apply for shooting permission?

  4. Hello,
    Please can you tell me where the Moodabidire Kambhala will be held? As in is there a specific location? Or can I ask anyone and tell will tell me?

    Also when does it start? And what are the options for accommodation etc?
    Thanks a lot

  5. I’m going to be visiting from the UK in Dec. Where is Baradi Beedu, Surya Chandra? Is this held at Kanthavara village? Also hoping to visit Venoor- Permude, Surya Chandra, think this might be Venoor Village (or also appears as Venur). Long way to come so some help appreciated. Thanks. Peter

  6. I am coming from Tamilnadu and would like to attend. Which is the biggest/most prominent of the races. Also, any information on accomodation.

  7. Lisa: Moodbidri Kambala will be held in Kadalakere Nisargadhama ๐Ÿ™‚ It is near to Moodbidre City ๐Ÿ™‚
    Peter Adam: Baradi Beedu is in Kanthavara Village ๐Ÿ™‚ and Venur Kambala is near to city of venur ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mohan : Karkala (Miyar), Nandikur, Moodbidre and Puttur are the best kambalas (biggest and Prominent)
    Ajit: This year the kambala finishes within a day ๐Ÿ™‚ Starts at 9 AM and ends the nest day before afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yogi : You dont need a permission ๐Ÿ™‚ baradi or mulki wud be a better option if in month of december ๐Ÿ™‚ the best option would be Karkala (miyar) on January 04

  8. i am planning to visit kambla at ballamanja shesha naga and mulki moodu padu….pl tell me me the route map from manipal and distance in kms

  9. Thanks krishnamohan for the Detailed Time table,it helps me to plan every year. I ensure to watch at least one kambala A YEAR to re memories my childhood days where i used to go to all kambalas for almost for 10 years as we had our own buffellows( Nellikar kuntadka jinaraj shetty)

    may i know any info where can we get kambala videos recorded around year 2000?

  10. Thank you for the useful information in this blog. I want to visit the race in Ikala Bava but can’t find any information how to go there on Google Maps. Can anyone tell me? Thank you very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Dear Krishnamohan,
    Thanks for the Time table
    Kambala dates were exchanged between Miyaru kambal and Adve nandikoor kambala, I came to know about this 2 days before Miyaru kambala on 4th Jan ,so I could prepone my plans and attend Miyaru kambala.
    I appreciate your effort in bringing out the time table. but….
    as we do not have any other reliable source we rely on info on net, request you to re confirm dates with Kambala committee if possible.
    Hope all other dates remains intact.

  12. Hi,

    I am from trivandrum, Kerala.
    I am interested in making to anyone of these venues.
    I tried searching for these places but they are not available on internet.
    Can you please give me more information as to the location.
    16-Feb-2014, Sunday

  13. ..”Hiee sir were’s is this kakkepadavu kambala”…,how to go there from kaup.(udupi)..m goin to visit here on 6thApril..please tell me the timing’s and the exact address..:)

  14. Dear Vinayaka,
    kakkepadavu kambala is close to Karinjeshwara Temple in Bantwal. So from Kaup you need to reach there via BC road. Here is the location in Google Map
    All Kambala starts in Morning and goes on continuous till the results are decalred. Depending on the number of buffaloes it can range from 24 to 48 hours non-stop.

  15. Hello Krishna,

    Thanks for sharing the Kambala Schedule. Would like to know where exactly in Uppinangadi the Kambala will be held and what is the approx. start time.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ashok Menon

  16. Uppinangadi Kambala is close to Netravathi river inside the Uppinangadi city. It is very approachable from Mangalore Bangalore highway. It is whole day kamabla. All Kambala’s start at 8 AM and go on throughout day & night till final race.

  17. how was the… Thalpadi-Panjala, n Kakkepadavu buffalo race ? it is the same of the moodabidiri buffalo race ? pls suggestion sir… because m planning to comming for race…! pls gauide me sir… Saurabh Chaphekar, Thane, Maharashtra.

  18. Hello Krishna,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the schedule. The Kambala on March 22nd at Eedu (as per Google Maps) is approdimately 60km from Mangalore. Correct me if I’m wrong. Could you tell me where exactly in the town is this happening? Also, how do I get there from Mangalore? Hoping there are buses to Eedu in the morning. What are the alternate modes of transport I can use?

  19. Dear Aravind,
    Eedu is extremely small village near Naravi. There are no buses. The village was without even a road connection till few years back. I advice you take a bus to Guruvayanakere/Belthangadi from Mangalore (all dharmasthala bound buses will stop there) . And then get a bus from there to Naravi which is the town next to Eedu. It is around 80km from Mangalore. As the village is quite small, it will not be difficult to locate the Kambala venue there. Try starting early in the morning, so that you can reach there by around 10AM. By the way Naravi also has the only Surya temple of Dakshina Kannada, visit and see.

    Use this map link

  20. thanks for the race calendar

    i wish to know about how to reach thalpady panjala surya chandra race
    i will be at uduppi on 29 th morning form there how can i get to this place
    plz guide me with exact location
    thank you
    ratheeh sundaram

  21. Sir, any time table for 2014-15 season ? It will be of great help if you can upload the details. Thanks a lot.

  22. Dear Mr. Krishna Mohan,
    Congrats for creating a very interesting and informative blog.
    I am from Goa and very much interested in photography. Kindly suggest a convenient Kambala venue to visit in the month of December /January from Goa.
    Best Regards,

  23. Hello Krishna Mohan,

    Please let me know the details of KAMBALA held on Dec 26th. I am travelling from Bangalore for this event. Will stay in Mangalore and visit Hookadigoli.

    Can you confirm that the date is right? I know last minute changes can happen. May I have your contact num pl?

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