Miyar Kambala 2015

Kambala Time Table 2015-16

Miyar Kambala 2015
Miyar Kambala 2015

All those who are looking for Kambala Time Table of 2016-17, check here – Kambala Time Table 2016-17?

Here is the Time table of Kambala Races which are going held in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi & Kasargod Districts during year 2015-16. These are the dates announced by District Kambala Committee.

These dates are revised and confirmed as of 31-Dec-2015. Please note dates are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.

21-Nov-2015, Saturday – Bangadi – Surya – Chandra
28-Nov-2015, Saturday – Shirva Nadibettu – Surya Chandra
05-Dec-2015, Saturday – Venoor- Permude – Surya Chandra
12-Dec-2015, Saturday – Baradi Beedu – Surya Chandra
20-Dec-2015, Sunday – Mulki seeme – Moodu Padu
26-Dec-2015, Saturday – Hokkaadi goli
27-Dec-2015, Sunday – Balla Manja
03-Jan-2016, Sunday – Aikala Bava – Kanthabaare Budabaare
10-Jan-2016, Sunday – Miyaru – Lava Kusha
16-Jan-2016, Saturday – Adve-Nandikoor – Koti Chennaya
23-Jan-2016, Saturday – Moodubidire – Koti Chennaya
30-Jan-2016, Saturday – Katapadi Beedu – Moodu Padu
06-Feb-2016, Saturday – Surathkal Madhava Nagara – Rama Lakhshmana
13-Feb-2016, Saturday – Jappina Mogaru – Jaya Vijaya
20-Feb-2016, Saturday – Vamanjoor Thiruvailu – Sankupoonja Devupoonja
27-Feb-2016, Saturday – Kakkepadavu – Sathya Dharma
06-Mar-2016, Sunday – Puttur – Koti Chennaya
12-Mar-2016, Saturday – Uppinangadi – Vijaya Vikrama
20-Mar-2016, Sunday – Panapila Nandottu – Jaya Vijaya

EXIF info - Aperture : ƒ/3.2 | Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Taken : 15 February, 2015 | Flash fired : no | Focal length : 70mm | ISO : 400 | Location : 13° 11.681′ 0″ N 75° 3.0422′ 0″ E | Shutter speed : 1/1600s | Images and content Copyright © Krishna Mohan. Please contact me to purchase prints or for image publication license.

58 thoughts on “Kambala Time Table 2015-16”

  1. Hi

    Thank you for sharing the details Mr Mohan.

    This is for you Mr Shesh, I would alos like to join for the race. I’m from Mumbai, Mr Shesh if your are also from Mumbai, we can plan for the race.

    Haresh Patel

  2. kambalada bhagge mahithi neediddakke nimagge (Krishna Mohan) dhanyavadagalu
    jai kambala

  3. kambalada bagge thamma abhiprayavannu bale telupale natakada mukaanthara natane madi jaanapada kalege hurupu kotta prasamse kaapu tandake hagu telikeda arasu prasana bailur evarige kambalada abhimaniyavarinda haagu konagala yajamanerna (yerlena yejamaner)ivarinda hrthpurvka ABHINANDENE GALU


  4. Hello,

    I plan to attend on 26th Dec… Wanted to know where is Hokkaadi goli located.. is it close to udipi station?

  5. Could any one help me how to go baradi beedu from bangalore?
    where can i stay? what is the timing for the race?

  6. Baradi beedu is very close to Karkala town. You can stay there or at Moodbidri. It is 10km from both these places. Direct buses are available from Bangalore to Karkala or Moodbidri. Thanks for contacting me

  7. Hi Krishnan,

    I went to baradi beedu yesterday as you suggested. It was nice experience & well organized.
    I’m planning to travel Ikala Bava on jan2nd with my friends.
    Could you let me know how to reach that place from bangalore?


  8. hi I am planning to attend the moodabidri kambala held on 23/jan saturday . koti chennaya. I am from Bangalore. what time the kambala starts and end. planning for the photography . kindly suggest.

  9. Hi Sir,

    I am planning a photo tour for this event,
    please guide what time the event starts and ends, any specific arrangements required for photographers? fees ? permission etc?

  10. Thank you Sir. Planning to make it to 23rd Jan 2016. How toreach the arena once I come down to Moodubidare?
    Thnak you once again.

  11. I am considering travelling from the England to photograph both
    06-Mar-2016, Sunday Puttur, Koti Chennaya and 12-Mar-2016, Saturday Uppinangadi, Vijaya Vikrama. does anyone have any advice on how best to get to these locations and could you please update if there are any changes to dates or locations. thanks so much.

  12. Dear Justin,
    As of now the venues as well as the timings are as per the timetable and there is no change. Both of them are 50km from Mangalore which is the district headquarter. So reaching the place will not be a big issue. You can take a cab and reach within an hour. Budget accommodation is also available in Puttur Which is very close to Uppinangadi (10Km)
    Thanks for contacting me

  13. Hi I’m in Surathkahl right now and locals told me it’s not here today. They told me Moodbidri which is another town.
    Where is the exact location and time?

  14. I just called up kambala authorities they told me, it was supposed to be held today, right at Surthkal, but was postponed. Even I did not know till now. These last minute changes do happen. Don’t get disheartened. If you can get to Kalla puthige, it is being held just now today 6th Feb 2016. Here is the goolgle map link. https://goo.gl/maps/bv899Xt9gi22 This is close to Moodbidri 30Km from Surthkal.
    There is another Kambala tomorrow (7th feb) at Talapady, just outskirts of Mangalore 15Km from Mangalore on Mangalore to Kerala highway. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  15. Many Thanks Sir!
    I was also in Surathkal on 6th Feb searching for the venue but as Marc mentioned, local people were not aware of the race. Then I so your post and ran to Kalla Puthige. The local people were so helpful and race was awesome! It was a great experience!

  16. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused. Surathkal is fast becoming a city and losing its charm. Poepl don’t know what is happening in their own neighborhood At the end it was great to know that you both had a good experience at Kella puthige.

  17. It is on 21st Sunday and not on 20th Saturday. The venue is 15Km from Mangalore, on the Mangalore to Moodbidri Road. The Kambala Starts at 9 Am and this is a day and night Kambala continuing till nextday, nonstop.

  18. Dear Krishna, thank you very much for reply! So there is no Kambala on 20th? Regarding the venue: can I assume that any autorickshaw driver will know the way?

  19. Hi Krishna,
    Thanks for all the information. Is there a contact number of the Kambala organizers? I am planning to go this weekend, want to confirm the date and the venue. Also any recommendations for accommodation at Kakkepadavu? I am planning to drive from Bangalore, so any suggestions on the route to take?
    Thanks once again.

  20. Dear Krishna,

    Once again i’m planning to visit kambala race. Last time you have provide the details. I had a nice trip on that time. This time i’m planning to go with friends to Thalapday Panjala on 19th Mar.
    Could you let m eknow how can i reach there & contact detail for the organizer. So that before start i can get the confirmation of the race.

    Thanks in advance.

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