Miyar Kambala 2015

Kambala 2016-17

Miyar Kambala 2015
Miyar Kambala 2015

Here is the Time table of Kambala Races which are going held in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi & Kasargod Districts during the year 2016-17. These are the dates announced by District Kambala Committee.

The Karnataka High Court again imposed the ban on Kambala sport (Buffalo Race) in Dakshina Kannada District. The Kambala sport was banned in mid-November by the district administration of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada after the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) pressed for it. Meanwhile, Karnataka Government is trying to enact a law to bring Kamabala out of banned sports category. This amendment did not receive approval by the governor and is now sent to President’s approval. There will not be any Kambala in the 2016-17 period. Let us hope next year there will be Kambala.

Vamanjoor Thiruvailu Kambala on 18th feb will not be held as far as the news I have got. They are waiting for the Kambala order to be vacated by court.
17-Dec-2016, Saturday – Baradi Beedu – Surya Chandra
24-Dec-2016, Saturday – Hokkaadi goli
31-Dec-2016, Saturday – Mulki seeme – Moodu Padu
07-Jan-2017, Saturday – Miyaru – Lava Kusha
15-Jan-2017, Sunday – Adve-Nandikoor – Koti Chennaya
21-Jan-2017, Saturday – Aikala Bava – Kanthabaare Budabaare
28-Jan-2017, Saturday – Moodubidire – Koti Chennaya
05-Feb-2017, Sunday – Puttur – Koti Chennaya
11-Feb-2017, Saturday – Katapadi Beedu – Moodu Padu
18-Feb-2017, Saturday – Vamanjoor Thiruvailu – Sankupoonja Devupoonja
25-Feb-2017, Saturday – Jappina Mogaru – Jaya Vijaya
04-Mar-2017, Saturday – Eedu – Jaya Vijaya
11-Mar-2017, Saturday – Bangadi – Surya Chandra
18-Mar-2017, Saturday – Uppinangadi – Vijaya Vikrama
25-Mar-2017, Saturday – Thalpadi-Panjala – Surya Chandra

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25 thoughts on “Kambala 2016-17”

  1. Thanks for publishing the time table Doc. It has always been helpful over the years that you have been sharing it and we can organize our Calendar well

  2. Looks like there will not be any Kambala in this season. Next hearing is posted for January. I don’t expect it will be vacated. Most probably there will not be any Kambala this 2016-17.

    Please cancel any plans until court matter is settled to avoid disappointments.

  3. Hi,

    Nice to hear.Thanks for update.
    We are planning to go Hokkaadi goli on 24th Dec. Could you let me know how to reach this place from Bangalore & stay?
    I could n’t find this location on google map 🙁


  4. Guys… For jallikattu, Through president if an ordinance can be brought saying it’s a spotrs why not we press the state govt to bring in same for our kambala .. as sports is in state ambit.. Let the movement begin

  5. Until court removes the ban on Kambala, there won’t be any races. Tomorrow, 28th Jan, they are planning a massive protest in my hometown against the ban. Hopefully, some solution might emerge.

  6. I understand the state government caved in and the Jalikattu event is now going on in Alanganallur…

    any news on Kambala events being allowed?

    can you give us an update?

    many thanks,

  7. Yes, just now the new timetable is out. 1st Kambala of the year, Vamanjooru Thiruvailuguttu “SANKUPOONJA – DEVUPOONJA” Jodukare Kambala..It Will Be Held On 18/02/2017

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the update.
    Could you let us know how to reach these places Eedu and Bangadi from bangalore?
    We are planning for these places.


  9. Hi
    Any other near future dates on Kambala? Have been waiting to watch this since looonnnng.

    thanks in advance.

  10. Dear Neelima, Kambala event this year looks doubtful as the court is yet to decide on permitting the races. The Recent hearing is put off to March first week. Since there is a water scarcity as well heat problem in our coastal belt after March conducting any Kambala is physically impossible. That is why the season ends by March.So next set of Kambala even if they get permission to hold. So expect races only in 2017-18 season starting from November 2017 only.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Is there any news of Kambala time table?
    Am waiting to hear.


  12. Hello

    I read in the papers that the New Kambala Schedule has been announced.

    Which are the convenient places to reach from Coimbatore?



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