Miyar Kambala 2015

Kambala Time Table 2017-18

Miyar Kambala 2015
Miyar Kambala 2015

Today the Supreme Court of India has refused to stay a plea filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to ban a legislation in Karnataka that permits the annual buffalo race, Kambala. In September this year, PETA had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking direction from the court to strike down the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Karnataka Amendment) Ordinance, 2017, which allows kambala events and other bull-cart races in the state. That clears the Kambala to be held as scheduled. Check the Time Table given below.

Here is the Timetable of Kambala Races which are going held in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi & Kasargod Districts during the year 2017-18. These are the dates announced by District Kambala Committee. Please note dates are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.

All Kambalas start at around 8-9AM but real part of the race is later in the afternoon. No seat booking, in fact, there are no seats in most of the Kambala venues. Kambala goes on non-stop day and night for as much as 24-36 hours till all the winners are declared, depending on the buffalo pairs.

11-Nov-2017, Saturday – Moodubidire – Koti Chennaya – Location
19-Nov-2017, Sunday – Pilikula – Nethravathi Phalguni – Location (Cancelled)
25-Nov-2017, Saturday – Hokkaadi goli – Veera Vikrama – Location
03-Dec-2017, Sunday – Kottara – Rama Lakshmana – Location
09-Dec-2017, Saturday – Baradi Beedu – Soorya Chandra – Location
16-Dec-2017, Saturday – Venoor – Soorya Chandra – Location
23-Dec-2017, Saturday – Mulki seeme – Moodu Padu – Location
31-Dec-2017, Sunday – Surathkal Madhava Nagara – Rama Lakhshmana – Location
06-Jan-2018, Saturday – Miyaru – Lava Kusha – Location
13-Jan-2018, Saturday – Adve-Nandikoor – Koti Chennaya – Location
21-Jan-2018, Sunday – Puttur – Koti Chennaya – Location
27-Jan-2018, Saturday – Aikala Bava – Kanthabaare Budabaare – Location
03-Feb-2018, Saturday – Katapadi Beedu – Moodu Padu – Location
13-Feb-2018, Tuesday – Althaar – Barkuru – Kshethrapala Nagaraja – Location
10-Feb-2018, Saturday – Jappina Mogaru – Jaya Vijaya – Location
17-Feb-2018, Saturday – Vamanjoor Thiruvailu – Sankupoonja Devupoonja – Location
24-Feb-2018, Saturday – Uppinangadi – Vijaya Vikrama – Location
03-Mar-2018, Saturday – Bangaadi Kolli – Soorya Chandra – Location
10-Mar-2018, Saturday – Kakkepadavu – Sathya Dharma – Location
18-Mar-2018, Sunday – Thalapady Panjala – Soorya Chandra – Location Cancelled

EXIF info - Aperture : ƒ/2.8 | Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Taken : 15 February, 2015 | Flash fired : no | Focal length : 200mm | ISO : 160 | Location : 13° 11.681′ 0″ N 75° 3.0422′ 0″ E | Shutter speed : 1/1600s | Images and content Copyright © Krishna Mohan. Please contact me to purchase prints or for image publication license.

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  1. Hello Mr. Krishna. I am Sandesh. Basically from Mangalore. If you could provide me few more details about this i would be thankful to you. like:
    1. If i have to come to photograph this event, what should be done?
    2. any permission requiruired

    I come with a photography hobby and this is one of the Tulunadu event that i have not captured.
    Please advise.

    Thank you, Sandesh

  2. Dear Sandesh,
    Kambala is open for everyone. It is a hit among the tourists and lot of people from different part of city, country travel to see this race. It is not always all that fun to take photographs of Kambala. If you are not careful you may be gored or trampled by charging Buffaloes. There is a barricade made out out of rope at the edge of the track, do not cross that. No flash photography allowed at all as that startles the buffaloes. Do not let your in built flash to pop out also as the volunteers and team owners will throw you out.Please do visit my page https://drkrishi.com/moodabidri-kambala-2016/ for detailed write up.

  3. Which locations in the above are easier to reach from Mangalore? Which is the ‘best’ or most desirable event to watch?

  4. Dear Mohan,

    I’m planning to travel for Hokkaadi goli on 25 Nov.
    Could you let me know how to reach there from bangalore?

  5. Dear Shankar K G,
    There are few local bus services. Ideally a local cab is better option. You won’t find these details on any bus booking sites as Hokkadi Goli is tiny village. In fact kambala will also be a small one which gets over by a single day. Other nearby places is Venur & Belthangady Both can be reached from Bangalore buses.

  6. Hi Sorry for late response.
    There was one article in Prajavani stating SC is having hearing of PETA Petition on 24th November.
    I am not getting the link now

  7. Dear ‘Honne Gowda’,
    SC has refused to entertain stay against the ordinance and postponed the hearing to Dec 12th. So all the Kambala till Dec 12th will go on as usual.

  8. Hi, thanks for sharing these dates, I’ve been looking for them everywhere on the internet and found it nowhere. Just one question, are all the festival dates the same kind of display, i.e. races? I was considering 13th January near Mangalore. Is it okay to reach by noon?

  9. Hi Krishna Mohan,

    I am from Bangalore and I am very much interested in attending the event. I am planning to visiting the Dec 16th event. I can travel directly to Mangalore but how is the transportation after that? What is the normal timings of the event.

    By the way, thanks for the write up and follow up comments. Yours is the only place on the internet I am able to find details about the Kambala event.

  10. Hi Krishna Mohan,

    I like to thank you for promoting this great culture.

    Which is the biggest kambala happening this month? I am photographer so would like to visit a larger kambala.

  11. Dear Krishna
    Your blog has some amazing insights packed with even more amazing frames. I am a travel photographer and blogger and wish to cover this delightful event. Is there any way I could join you for any of your coverages this year starting next week? I would also want to take the opportunity of meeting you.. :)kindly do let me know.

  12. Hi there krishna, your photos are a treat to watch.

    We are a bunch of friends wanting to see Kambala for the first time so we would like to know which is the best and most exciting kambala happening every season. My friend is coming from the us so would like to show him this amazing sport. Please let us know.

    Thanks again

  13. Hi Krishna. I and my friends are planning to attend Surathkal Madhava Nagara Kambala. Can u please guide us as to where Madhava Nagara is?

  14. Dear Krishna,
    This is Deepak from Bengaluru.I plan to attend the Feb 3 Race.The Location is near Padubidri. Does the Race take place the whole day.Is it conducted on Sunday also.Can you please let me know.Thanks.

  15. Sir as per your calendar , on this Sunday ie 21 of January 2018 a kambala event is going to happen towards manglore side , as I am living in kanaghad it’s just 3hours journey from my starting point , and I am intreasted to visit , so it would be a great help if you can give any local no: or any source to get details about the kambala event


  16. Thanks a lot for sharing this detailed schedule along with locations. I plan to drive down to attend 27th Jan Kambala at Aikala Bava. What would be the best time of the day to visits. Are morning races only for the young buffaloes? Are the races for all 4 categories spread across the day or do they follow an order?

  17. Morning races are Junior category. 5-6PM is the water-splash races of Kene halage & Adda Halage. The whole night will be the senior category which lasts till morning hours. I advice you to come in morning and experience different lighting conditions and different races.

  18. Hi Krishna
    very informative and descriptive information
    Im also photographer and interested to attend Kambala races for action photography …
    24-Feb-2018, Saturday

  19. Yes, you can make it even though places are little far off from each other. The distance is over 130Km between two venues. I would suggest you concentrate on only Uppinangadi venue. Come from Mumbai to Mangalore and make a car booking to Uppinangady. Reach the venue and shoot the Kambala. All Kambala starts at 9Am and goes on 24 hours non stop. If you feel you need to see the Barkur one too, you can head over there from Mangalore and reach that place on Sunday morning. Mangalore is the center point for both venues.

  20. Dear Krishna
    I think althar barkuru kambala is finished on Feb 13.
    Vamanjoor kambala starts from Sunday or Saturday?

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