Windows8 Desktop

Metamorphosis for 21st Century

Windows8 Desktop
Windows8 Desktop

One day Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, wakes up to find his Desktop PC transformed into a horrible vermin mobile phone. Confused, he looks around his room which appears normal. He decides to fall asleep again and forget what happened in the hope that everything will revert to normal. He remembered night before he fell asleep he tried upgrading to the new version of Windows operating system, Windows 8. Only difference it will have they said, that Windows 8 will not be having a start button. He was promised that it will have so many improvements that his PC will be transformed. But now he was looking at his hard working PC reduced into a badly colored mobile phone. He tries to roll over to left bottom of the screen but discovers that he cannot find any start button. There are all these tiles of programs but where is the familiar start button icon gone? He feels an itch to try on his email account or Facebook but he could not make head or tail of this new operating system.

He reflects on how dreary life as a traveling salesmen is and how he would quit his job if his family were not dependent on his income. His only possession this desktop PC has now transformed. All the menus, tool bars etc have turned into long running ribbon. By chance he moved his mouse somewhere and saw a charms bar with a few commands reminding him of the good old days, but he wasn’t sure whether it was real or some dream. He could never remember how to reproduce charms bar again. Has the charms vanished too?

He started banging keyboard so as to get some miraculous shortcut keys. Drag and drop, a simple operation was nowhere to be seen. Was the clipboard gone too? Multitasking being thus crippled with single window screens. Apps which were in the background were put in a sleep state. That would save battery on a mobile phone, but why did not those developers think that he has Desktop PC and not a mobile phone.

Gregor would have no more of this nonsense. He had enough of this new technology. So he wanted to shut down his PC. But where the &#$% is the shut down button? By frustration of inability to perform any meaningful work Gregor kicked his PC pulls out the power cord and curses PC as much as he can. After long list of insults Gregor, exhausted, falls asleep

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  1. ‘myself coming from village area’ – when I was in 9th std our school pc’s used to run windows 98 or xp. After I got a laptop as gift with windows 8 I did not find the shutdown button and for 3 months I used to close the laptop forcing it to go into sleep mode. I remember when I felt I need to shut down laptop once and pulled the battery, thanks to hiding shut down button

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