Office 2007 Unreadable in Windows Mobile 5.0

Not only Microsoft is disappointing users big time, by not releasing Live Messenger for Windows Mobile, but here comes another debacle: Microsoft’s own Office 2007 will produce files that will not be readable with Office Mobile that is pre-installed in Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC edition!

Apparently Microsoft has just confirmed, rather unofficially, that support for Office 2007 files will be provided in windows Mobile in the middle of 2007, what coincides with a time when first devices powered by Windows Mobile Crossbow (Windows Mobile 6.0) will go on sale! Interestingly Windows Mobile Crossbow offers Office Mobile also in MS Smartphone version of Windows Mobile, not just in Pocket PC version, so the support for new Office 2007 files may be provided in these both Windows Mobile platforms.

Conclusion: situation is fluid and if Office 2007 compatibility is crucial for you, you may end up buying a Windows Mobile phone now, that will not be upgrade-able to Crossbow… or to a version that can read Office 2007 files. Unfortunately once again end users of Windows Mobile are in limbo due to Microsoft’s strategy “to get new features buy new device with new operating system”. It would be only proper for Microsoft to state clearly (and officially) what is the road map for Office 2007 compatibility in Windows Mobile.

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