Sidux: A stable live CD for Debian unstable

Sidux looks like the best Debian sid-based live CD now out there. With Kanotix development staggerring over last few months, Sidux offers a clean, easy hard disk install and a fast release cycle.

It’s a distribution that impressed me before I’ve even tried it. While I was downloading the new release I checked the forums, and found they were practically exploding with activity. That indicates a high level of popularity for a distribution that is only a few months old.

Since there is so much in common with Debian, why choose sidux over pure Debian? The answer is ease of use. The installation is much easier, and the hardware detection is excellent. I’m a big fan of Debian, but its installer doesn’t match the user-friendliness and quick setup that sidux offers. Wireless support of sidux is its strong point, and it makes a good laptop distribution.

With sidux you get more than an up-to-date, easy-to-use system, however. Although it is not officially supported, many sidux users have enjoyed Beryl and now Compiz on sidux. If a 3-D desktop isn’t your style, you still have plenty of customized artwork to choose from to make your sidux box look spiffy.

Sidux is cutting-edge software, so you can probably expect to run into a few problems. That is the price you pay for having constant upgrades as soon as possible. Yet sidux is easy to use, fast, and for the most part it just works. It is more true to the Debian way than Ubuntu is, and it retains compatibility with Debian where Ubuntu does not. There is an active community to provide support, and the documentation is available in many languages. All around, sidux is an excellent distribution.

Here is a nice review of Sidux 2007-03 posted at Linuxseekers

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