Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 A Brief Review

Pond Heron

I purchased this new bridge camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 around 45 days back. I had an extensive look at the features, benefits and pit falls of this highly capable bridge camera. After clicking over 3500 pictures, I have gained enough experience on this camera. As the web is full of extensive reviews of this little … Read more

The Common Indian Tree Frog

The same night when I photographing Red Palm Weevil, I also had another guest in my kitchen. On the kitchen sink was a Common Indian Tree Frog or Chunam Tree Frog (Polypedates maculatus). It is a common species of tree frog found in India. During summer it visits moist places like kitchen and bathrooms. The … Read more

Black Drongo

In the last blog I had talked on the Drongo I was chasing. So here are the photos of that photo session where I was chasing these group of Black Drongo’s for a nice pose ;-). It was cloudy, windy and rainy evening. The weather was nice for photography, but light was insufficient. Cloud was … Read more

Nir-Laksha Dweepa-Day4-Kavaratti

Tossing and turning all through the night, I somehow managed to spend that night in that hot and humid ship cabin. Ship’s air conditioner was still not repaired. As the early morning sun peeped through the windows I went up to the deck and was greeted by a great sunrise together with nice sprinkle of … Read more