Ranga Adhyana Kendra at Alvas College, Moodbidri performed Mahamayi play written by Jnanapeetha award winner Dr Chandrashekhara Kambara. The first stage show of the play was performed on evening of October 4th at the Nudisiri auditorium, Vidyagiri. The performances were shown every evening till October 9th. This capture was of the performance held on October … Read more

Image Noise

Common Crow (Euploea core) crop showing uncorrected noise

Image noise is random variation of brightness or color information in images due to electronic noise produced by the sensor of a digital camera. It is the digital equivalent of film grain from the film era. It is one of the most discussed and most hated entity in digital camera world. Although it can be … Read more

Glow Art

Glow Art - Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah

Much like a magician, conjuring up images of wonder out of seemingly empty space, Artist Vinay Hegde brought forth intricate portraits, themes and images using nothing more than a humble flashlight on a light sensitive screen, in the midst of a dark hall, during a show on glow art held at Alva’s on the 12th … Read more

Chora Charanadasa

Stills From Chora Charanadasa Drama

Chora Charnadasa (Charandas the Thief) was shown on the last day of Alva’s Nudisiri 2012 soon after the presentation of Dutavakya which I covered in the last blog. Chora Charnadasa is based on the famous play by Habib Tanvir, which itself was an adaptation of a classical Rajasthani folktale by Vijaydan Detha. Present Kannada play … Read more

Bhasa’s Dutavakya

Duryodhana and Krishna

Alva’s Nudisiri 2012 is a three day Kannada literary festival at my home town Moodubidire. Even though I could not attend all the programs which were held during that three days period, I watched three drama performances. Here are the photos from the Kannada drama performed by Alva’s Ranga Adhyayana Kendra Students under the able … Read more

Mantapa 1000

After last two appetizers of Mohiniyattam & Kathakali let us come to the main course. Here are the photos of 1000th one-act show of Mantapa Prabhakara Upadhya for which the celebration was held on 2nd April at Alva’s. It was a grand day of celebration with an array of cultural extravaganza brimming with skills, mastery … Read more