Mandra – A Novel-Musical Extravaganza

The book and music lovers had a thrilling experience on Sunday the 18th as they witnessed a rare experiment of exploring a novel through its music. It was an extraordinary event where the Saraswathi Samman award winning Kannada novel Mandra by litterateur S L Bhyrappa was described in the form of music. Mandra (2002), which … Read more Mandra – A Novel-Musical Extravaganza

International Kite Festival 2012

Similar to last 3 years this year too we had International Kite Festival 2012 at Mangalore. It was held on 21st & 22nd January 2012. I went on Sunday to photograph these colorful kites. Compared to last 3 years variety of kites this year were less. But the show was better organized this year. Thousands … Read more International Kite Festival 2012

Cloudy Kudremukh

Cloudy Kudremukh

After shooting the waterfall I covered in the last blog, rain was following me. So leaving all the thoughts of getting any photos of birds or other wild life I changed my lens to wide angle and concentrated on getting some landscapes. The ambiance was beautiful, but continuous rain was hampering my photography. I waited … Read more Cloudy Kudremukh


During my last trip around Mysore I wanted to explore Chennakeshava temple of Somanathapura. I was traveling light with just Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L USM Lens on Canon EOS 7D. being 1.6x crop camera it was not really giving me the ultra wide view but a normal zoom view of 25-56 mm at f/2.8. … Read more Somanathapura

Ship Wreck HDR

Ship Wreck HDR

There is a wrecked ship lying in The Gurpur River near Tannir Bavi, Mangalore. Locals claim it was wrecked during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. It provided me a very nice opportunity to test the new version of Photomatix Pro 4 software. Even though Adobe Photoshop has now built in HDR function, Photomatix … Read more Ship Wreck HDR

Multi-city Photowalk

Sleeping Boats

Votrasi Imaging had organized a multi-city photo walk yesterday. I attended two places of this Photo walk. One was at Karkala around Anekere lake. Shiva Shankar and me went around exploring the waterbirds in and around Anekere. I had sold my Canon EOS 5Dmark II & Canon EOS 7D and purchased Canon EOS 1D Mark … Read more Multi-city Photowalk