More Ashy Priniae

I seem to be getting friendly with this Ashy Prinia (Prinia socialis). The Scientific name is also socialis ;). Anyway this Bird was posing for my Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM with 24mm Kenko extension tube. Bird was hardly 2 meters from me. Here is another closeup of the same bird

Ashy Prinia

The Ashy Prinia or Ashy Wren-Warbler (Prinia socialis), is a small warbler. This prinia is a resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent, western Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is a familiar bird of urban gardens and farmland in many parts of India and its small size, distinctive colours and upright tail make it easy to … Read more

White-rumped Munia

The White-rumped Munia or White-rumped Mannikin (Lonchura striata). These are close relatives of the true finches (Fringillidae) and true sparrows (Passeridae). The White-rumped Munia is approximately 10 to 11 cm in length, with a stubby grey bill and a long black pointed tail. The adults are brown above and on the breast, and lighter below; … Read more

David & Goliath

That evening I was trying to take photos of birds collecting building material for their nest from this Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea) silk. I noticed this Blue Carpenter bee (Xylocopa violacea) hovering around the flowers. Sun was Harsh and I didn’t have any macro lens around. So I fixed 36 mm Kenko extension tube to … Read more

Scaly-breasted Munia

The Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) also known as Nutmeg Mannikin or Spice Finch is a small passerine bird. The Scaly-breasted Munia is a small gregarious bird which feeds mainly on seeds. It frequents open woodland and cultivation. The nest is a large domed grass structure in a tree or under the eaves of a house … Read more

Male Loten’s Sunbird

Last Sunday I had plenty of birds to shoot. It had stopped raining and birds were busy finding nest materials. I stood beside a milk weed bush whaich had dry seed pod with silk in it. That day I got several good shots.Here is one of the Male Loten’s Sunbird(Cinnyris lotenius) from that day’s photography. … Read more