Facial Expressions in Kathakali

Last Sunday (29 Mar 2009) I attended a workshop organized by Karnataka Yakshagana Academy at Yuga purusha Hall, Kinnigoli. Discussions at the seminar were mainly around body language, presentation, in Yakshgana Bharatnatyam, Kathakkali and Bhootakola art forms. Here is a glimpse of few facial expression demonstrated by this Kerala Kalamandalam artist in Kathakali. As I … Read more Facial Expressions in Kathakali

Kambla 2009

Kadalakere Kambla (Buffalo Race) 2009 shot at 6400 ISO. only lights available at that time were the illumination from Tungsten lights. Just check the amount of noise. This is the reason this camera shines at high iso. I’ll post rest of the shots tomorrow. AI servo mode even at that low light was right on … Read more Kambla 2009

Lemon Pansy

Lemon Pansy (Junonia lemonias) It is the most common of the six Pansies in India. It is a very bold butterfly with strong territorial and aggressive behaviour but not as much as the Peacock Pansy. It flies quickly and strongly but with less fluttering of wings. It generally rests on the ground but not so … Read more Lemon Pansy