Lappet Moth – Trabala Species

Trabala Caterpillar Defensive Pose

Last year I found this caterpillar of Trabala Species of Lappet moth at Mangalore. Lappet moth belongs to family of moths called Lasiocampidae. They are also known as eggars, snout moths. There are over 2000 species worldwide, and probably not all have been named or studied. Their common name snout moths comes from their unique … Read more

St. Aloysius Chapel HDR 3

As it is IPL 2 season I am running a hat-trick here with 3 HDR’s in a row. Here is the 3rd and the final part of St. Aloysius Chapel. You can check the HDR’s here. Here I concentrated on the alter of the chapel and wanted the stained glass panels to come out. The … Read more

St. Aloysius Chapel HDR 2

This is the Grungy effect many like HDR for. I have used Photomatix pro with tone mapping to get this result. You can check my earlier effect using Photoshop here EXIF info – Aperture : ƒ/8 | Camera : Canon EOS 40D | Taken : 26 October, 2008 | Flash fired : no | Focal … Read more

St. Aloysius Chapel HDR 1

For this HDR image of St. Aloysius Chapel I used 3 shots taken at 2 stop bracketing and used Photoshop to do the HDR. St. Aloysius Chapel, or the chapel of St. Aloysius College, is a Christian chapel in Mangalore in the state of Karnataka in southwest India. The St Aloysius Chapel in Mangalore was … Read more

Hang Me Not!

Culex Mosquito hanging from Touch Me Not (Mimosa pudica) leaf. This was shot on my Canon EOS 40D using Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro and 12mm Kenko extension tube hand-held with Canon MT-24EX macro twin light flash. EXIF info – Aperture : ƒ/8 | Camera : Canon EOS 40D | Taken : 20 July, … Read more

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber (Sceliphron caementarium) like all sphecids are more closely related to bees than to the vespid wasps. They are solitary insects that build nests out of mud in sheltered locations, frequently on man-made structures. These nests are not aggressively defended, and stings are rare. Mud daubers make use of spiders to … Read more