Canon EOS 7D Released

Canon has announced the EOS 7D, a 17.92 million image pixel digital SLR that fires at up to 8fps, sports newly-developed 19-point AF and 63-zone metering systems, a dual-axis electronic level, wireless TTL control via the built-in flash and 1080p video in a body whose controls are more configurable than any EOS camera to date. … Read more


The Grey-breasted Prinia, Prinia hodgsonii, is a small warbler. This prinia is a resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia. This skulking passerine bird is typically found in open woodland, scrub jungle, and other open areas with some grass. Grey-breasted Prinia builds its nest in tall grass and lays 3-4 eggs. … Read more

5D Mark II is here!!!

Finally after waiting for nearly 2 months, Canon EOS 5D Mark II reached me today. This is from the first lot of camera to reach Indian shores. It still has Firmware 1.0.6 (I did not test for back dots nor banding which now we know can be easily resolved using firmware 1.0.7) here is my brief review. I know the web is inundated by reviews and controversies surrounding this milestone camera. Here is my bit to that knowledge. Remember I just used it for less than 3 hours, so my conclusions might change.