Pholcid Spider with Eggs

Pholcus Spider with Eggs

I found this female Pholcus spider with her eggs, in a corner of my kitchen. Here I have used Canon EOS 70D with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM using 36mm Kenko extension tube. This whole setup is illuminated by Godox Ving V860C Flash fitted with LumiQuest Softbox III diffuser. I was holding the … Read more

Vampires of the Crawling Kingdom

Amongst all denizens of the crawling kingdom, none perhaps evoke such strong and disparate feelings of loathsome fear and unbridled fascination as Spiders. Love them or loathe them, spiders were here before us – first appearing on the scene some 400 million years ago, before the mighty dinosaurs and long before the early mammals decided … Read more

Golden Backed Ant Trapped by Cellar Spider

Golden Backed Ant Trapped by Cellar Spider

When my wife called me to our dining room to photograph a spider which has trapped an ant 10 times its size, I rushed to photograph this spectacle. It was true fight of David vs Goliath. The Golden Backed Ant (Camponotus sericeus) which was trapped in the Cellar spider’s web and was hanging upside down … Read more