Flat-head Leafhopper Nymph

Flat-head Leafhopper Nymph

I found this Flat-head Leafhopper Nymph belonging to Ledrinae Subfamily of diverse leafhopper family Cicadellidae in my garden. While photographing it jumped on to my trousers. I was not sure which was its host plant. The leafhopper also looked pretty transparent and was having a very good camouflage. To highlight that transparency, I decided to … Read more

I love to Singa or An ode to the Cicada

Platypleura Species of Cicada - Side View

Last winter’s eve, late one night, a dainty Cicada invited itself into my dining room and having done so, proceeded to perch atop my glass topped dining table. Ever the one to seize an opportunity, I carefully slid a sheet of paper underneath it, and proceeded to take a few pictures. Seemingly unperturbed, the Cicada … Read more


Dundubia species Cicada

As soon as I saw an exuvia of cicada on one of the tree trunks in our garden, I knew we were in for an ear splitting noise of cicadas. Peak of the summer every year I get a lots of these cicadas in our garden. Exuviae is the remains of an exoskeleton that are … Read more


Soon after the Mysore trip I sold both my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D camera bodies and purchased Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. I needed a camera which included the features of 5D Mark II & 7D and 1D Mark IV fitted that slot correctly. As Canon puts it in its … Read more