Converging Palms

Converging Palms

Ever the photophile, a particularly languid morning found me wandering Miramar beach of Goa, testing out my 150-600 Tamron lens. Goa at dawn is quite the ghost town. A smattering of housewives waging a never ending battle against waist fat. Stray dogs lying comatose after a night of reverie. Groggy eyed morning walkers. And the … Read more

Nir-Laksha Dweepa-Day3-Minicoy

Boat Jetty at Minicoy

I was rudely woken up at two o’clock in the morning to find out that air conditioner of the ship had stopped working. AC did not restart at all. It was getting hot and uncomfortable in the room. Even the tiredness of Kalpeni’s long snorkeling trip did not help me to get back to sleep. … Read more

Nir-Laksha Dweepa-Day2-Kalpeni

The ship was still swaying. A green line of land is visible through the cabin window. Clockwork flashes from the light house illuminate the pre-dawn blue sea. Public address system told us that the passengers to be ready to disembark at Kalpeni. MV Kavarathi is anchored a mile or so off the coast, from where … Read more