Gruesome Beetle Sex

Oides species of Flea beetle mating

Fierce competition for fertilisation rights is fairly common among insects and has led to the evolution of some truly gruesome sexual strategies. This “sexually antagonistic co-evolution” is found in many species of insects. What you see here is, mating act of Oides species of Flea beetles. Flea beetle is a general name applied to these … Read more

Red Palm Weevil

Ready.... Steady....GO

Actually a very beautiful animal, this red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus), is widely found in southern Asia and Melanesia, where it feeds on a broad range of palms including coconut, sago, date, and oil palms. It is a serious pest of palms, particularly coconut. For example in Tamil Nadu, India, yield losses of 10-25% have … Read more

Why chimping is good for your photography but bad for your health

Chimping refers to the act of shooting a photo, then immediately hitting the preview button on your camera to see the how it came out on the camera’s LCD screen. Much like a curious chimpanzee will hold and examine any new object. The term was coined by USA Today shooter Robert Deutsch in a story … Read more