Ant-Like Crab Spider – Amyciaea forticeps

Ant-Like Crab Spider - Amyciaea forticeps

In nature size matters. But the brain can outwit brawn. All spiders are efficient, but small predators. Spiders have evolved a range of predatory behaviours that allow them to evade and deceive several of their prey. This crab spider outwits ants by mimicking them and living amongst them so that it can feed on them. … Read more

Green Crab Spider

Green Crab Spider

Living in the midst of urban greenery can have its own advantages. My dining room opens onto our kitchen garden, lush with luxuriant foliage. One fine day, as I sat down to a hearty breakfast, a familiar little critter dropped in for a bite. As I looked on amazed, there on my dining chair, sat … Read more