Mating Mormons

Mating Common Mormons

Monsoon rain was lashing heavily that day. That morning when there was a brief respite from the rain, I went home to grab a quick cup of coffee, I saw these Common Mormon (Papilio polytes) mating on the citrus plant. Leaving the coffee aside I grabbed my camera and rushed to get these photos. The … Read more

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle I am referring to, is neither the political game which our politicians play, nor any other game I am trying to promote. That afternoon I was teaching my 10 year old daughter Neethi few basics of photography when she spotted a small butterfly with several tail filaments sitting on a crape jasmine bush. … Read more


Soon after the Mysore trip I sold both my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D camera bodies and purchased Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. I needed a camera which included the features of 5D Mark II & 7D and 1D Mark IV fitted that slot correctly. As Canon puts it in its … Read more

Macro Photography Tips

Last Sunday during the Photo walk I had given a short talk on Macro photography. Preparing for the talk I jotted down several tips. I thought I will compile all of them into an article which will be useful for all my viewers. So here it is in much expanded form than during the photo … Read more

Male Pied Paddy Skimmer

Male Pied Paddy Skimmer(Neurothemis tullia)

I found this Male Pied Paddy Skimmer(Neurothemis tullia) dragonfly on a late evening. I tried shooting him with my 300mm f 2.8 lens thinking that he will fly off if I approach closer. The results of 300mm were not good as light had faded and I had to resort for a shallower depth of field … Read more

Fruit Piercing Moth

This beautiful moth is a fruit-piercing moth (Noctuidae: Calpinae [sometimes included in subfamily Ophiderinae or Catocalinae]) in the genus Eudocima. There are several similar looking species in India, but I believe this one is probably Eudocima hypermnestra. I found this moth on a broomstick near the window inside my house. It was quite camouflaged in … Read more