Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret (Non Breeding plumage)

I found these cattle egrets (Bubulcus ibis) on a dry tree branch at Gurupura. They were all huddled together over a marshy land there. I wanted to create a dramatic contrast with dark background and a rim light for these white birds. It was 4PM with bright light all around. I had Canon EOS 5D … Read more

Tips to Tack Sharp Photos

Brahminy Kite at f/8

In my Earlier blog I had briefly described how to get sharper photos for closeups. Many of you have asked me to give much more detailed tips to produce sharper photos. Here are few tips to get sharper photos. Use the sharpest aperture of your lens – All camera lenses have their sharpest result at … Read more

Indian Roller With Broken Beak

Indian Roller With Broken Beak

Returning from Mangalore, near Gurupura, I noticed this Indian roller, perched on the wire with its upper beak broken off. As the setting sun was shining its amber light on this bird, I wanted to captures its grittiness as well as its beauty. Despite the pretty badly damaged upper beak, bleak outlook many predict for … Read more

Lens Blur Filter to Create Depth of Field

Egret after Lens Blur

Shallow depth of field can make the sharp subject stand out from the blurred background. If you want a similar effect when using smaller aperture like f/5.6 or f/8 which usually has larger DOF, you need to opt for Photoshop. This is a manipulation of your capture and ethically I do not support such gross … Read more

Intermediate Egret

Intermediate Egret (Cropped)

Along with the Black-headed Ibis which was featured in my earlier blog, I also found the Intermediate Egret which was hunting the same marsh a little far away. As the bank of the marsh was very steep I could not get water level angle I wanted to capture. These captures are from top of the … Read more

Black-headed Ibis

Black-headed Ibis

Same day as I photographed sun bathing Little Cormorant, on the opposite side of that marsh, I spotted Black-headed Ibis. Ibis was flooded with great evening light. I wanted to get into the marsh and wanted to get water level capture of this bird. Unfortunately bank was very steep and there was hardly any opportunity … Read more